How Frequent Should I Ad Swap?

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I have been told that doing ad swaps too frequently will hurt the list responsiveness. So how many times should I limit ad swaps in a week
to maintain a responsive list?
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    Doing too much ad swaps won't just hurt the list responsiveness, but it will also cause your unsubscribe rate become higher. Just do ad swaps around 1 - 2 weeks once, depending on your unsubscribe rate. Make sure that your subscribe rate is higher than unsubscribe rate.
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    Now here's the thing with Adswaps.

    People will tell you that'll kill your list's responsiveness... And they'd be right.

    Then you're gonna here people are making 5 figures a month doing adswaps every single bleedin' day.

    And you know what... I know loads of peeps that make a full time living doing adswaps making those kind of figures.

    So you're probably thinking, both can't co- exist together 'cause they would contradict each other?

    Well here's the thing... It's all down to the business model you choose.

    If you want to go the hardcore adswapper way (where you mail one or even mail multiple adswaps a day) then the trick is to have a killer funnel in place.

    As adswappers make their money from this part of their list. Just bear in mind that your leads - after a week or so - will be burned out and as result... Become unresponsive.

    You could argue it's the easier way of making money as the traffic is in abundance (although you could argue about the quality of the traffic) but you do end up with massive unresponsive backend lists.

    But hey, this is the whole part of the Adswapper business model.

    Now if you want to build quality lists and build a relationship, y'know, what you hear about and all that jazz... Then adswaps are NOT the way to go. Well not doing as a fully blown business model anyway.

    If you want to go down the latter path - which I would recommend as you'll make more money in the long term... It'll just take longer to get there and it won't be as easy to get started as it would with doing the "Adswap" model, then you're you're alright doing adswaps one or twice a fortnight.

    But make sure to check out your adswap partner's squeeze, free gift and emails to make sure not only that is well aligned with your subscribers needs, but everything - the free gift, emails etc... Are all quality.

    So yeah, take your pick.

    Hope this clear things up for you buddy

    James Scholes
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    Alright....that does make some sense...
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    I normally don't use ad swaps...

    But if I know that the bribe of my ad swaps partner is good I go for it.

    Just share the best with your list
    and you'll be rewarded for it (long term).
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