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Hey to all who reads my post,

I have been doing some key word research and have a question when working with market samurai. In the area of expertise I am focusing on, I have stumbled on a certain set of key words that has a very high monthly search. I have also looked at another program I have to cross the research data with just to make sure the searches are the same.

My question is, can the data be wrong for the people searching for that item using them key words? The reason is the PBR is 0%, but all other numbers are, monthly searches (broad) 49,500, SEO 20,790, SEOC 8,610. I have read where if the PBR number is not at least 15% it is not worth going after, but people are still searching for that item using them key words. Right?

Thanks, Ken
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    If you get PBR 15%+ it gives you the ability to find keywords that you can use as secondary and tertiary kws.

    The other point is that it will support seo since exact match is not the only parameter you need to take into account.

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    What are the exact match numbers? If your PBR is zero, that tells me there is no relationship between the two keywords. The only noteworthy data point is the two keywords appear in the page somewhere.

    However, the exact match numbers will tell you a little more about how many people are exactly searching for that term.

    Have you looked at the competition that uses that keyword in their page title? That's another indication of the competition.


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