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Can you plz guide me How to improve quality the of content? My blog doesnt getting traffic but result still the same. Need suggestions and tips.
have a look at my blog The Blogging Penguin - SEO Tips and Social Media Guide

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      Originally Posted by timbonitus View Post

      Hire a writer?
      Fiverr.com is a good source to start with for only $5.
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        Originally Posted by morrispark View Post

        Fiverr.com is a good source to start with for only $5.
        I don't think fiverr is good to attracting traffic but yes you can hire good writers there for sure
        Video uploader and Scheduler auto Create title,seo description using FREE AI, MSG ME ON SKYPE
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          Too many things at the same place... Attention getting distracted first second any one gets to your blog.

          Happy to share 18 years experience in MLM/IM. Not doing any other work for over 7 years now. Accredited as a coach by 3 companies I worked with after completing a course of education and passing exams. HND in Business, Economics, Accounting, Market Research, Market Development, Management.
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    fizamalik, in my opinion, your blog isn't getting traffic because of its design. Not that your blog is ugly, it's just that there is a visibility problem.

    You should think about changing your blog graphic chart into a more professional one, especially if you want to teach people SEO tip.

    Place yourself into your visitor's place, people will trust you according to how your site looks like. That's just my opinion thought.
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      I checked out your site and it looks ok to me. Maybe a bit cluttered but it's certainly a lot better than a lot of blogs i have seen. The writing is ok though it could be a little clearer.

      What means are you using to drive traffic?
      Are you commenting on other blogs with commentluv on? That should start driving some traffic.
      Also, calls to action at the end of each post. Ask your visitors to comment, ask them to click on the social sharing buttons etc.

      Also a plugin to bring up related posts will give you a bit more crunch for the search engines to chew on.

      I sent some traffic your way

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    It does not look like you are writing to engage your readers.
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    Do you write your own content? If so, learn more about your niche so that you can become an expert, and come up with content on the fly. The more you know about your niche, the more content you can expect to come up with. And strive to make your articles/posts at least 500 words long. The site looks nice too... but i would remove some of the clutter, and direct people to a page where they can take some kind of action (opt-in, view sales page, etc).
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    You should follow the advice you give in the following post 'Strategies For Growing Communities On Your Blog'...

    Strategies for Growing Communities on Your Blog | TheBloggingPenguin

    I'm guessing you're writing about something you have little experience with then, right? It rarely works as your content ends up generic and boring. If people have seen similar articles all over the web they won't come back for more. It needs to be original, unique, engaging and EPIC! If you write epic content that's the first step to getting traffic. Once you've written epic content you need to start getting that content in front of your target audience in any way possible.
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    You might want to first do some market research first so that you will be able to the problems that the people in your market are facing. This will give you ideas on the kind of content that you can write and share to the market.

    If you are not a good writer, you can outsource it to a ghostwriter but you will want to make sure that you let them know the kind of content that you want it to be included inside the article.
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    the writing style is really engaging and isn't something that ppl would share.
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    Aren't you an SEO expert? Don't you already know the answer?

    The site looks a little too busy for me - if I wasn't reviewing it, I would have probably bounced away. Do you have a high bounced rate, or are your readers mostly staying and looking at your content?

    From what I saw, it seemed okay content, but nothing really new, or unique. You want to try for new, that will go viral quite easily.

    I'm not being funny, but I always sigh when I see SEO advice sites that don't have any rankings... I know you have to start somewhere, I just wouldn't have started there - yet.

    Good luck mate!

    Martin Platt

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    try fiverr or hire a writer
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    Here is my story....
    I usually try to write any blog post in natural and fluent english that we talk daily.
    I creat about 300-500 words article each day and post it to my blog.
    I dont do backlinking and only focusing on ON PAGE SEO and I am ranking good....

    If you are into long term blogging plan trust me you can rank quite good with ON PAGE SEO .....
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    I read somewhere that internal links work magic, so you may want to utilize them.
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    Optimize on your articles.
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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