Anyone is using animoto for video making

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I want to make couple of video for video marketing and optimization...
anyone using animoto to make videos ?
are those videos convincing?
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    I use it all of the time and like it. Easy to use and submit to You Tube with. Depending on the niche and keyword I have had no problem getting videos ranked on page one of Google using Animoto.
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    Depends on the niche... What is it?


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    Maybe I'm a little jaded since I do a lot of video marketing & research, but I'm really tired of seeing Animoto videos. They're all the same. Crappy slideshows with "cool" text pushing some sort of product.

    If you're going the slideshow route, you can actually create some half-decent videos using the new(ish) Windows Live Movie Maker. And it's free.
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      Agreed. Animoto has its place, but it drives me crazy when I see crappy animoto slide show videos with no audio trying to promote a product. I see a lot of our clickbank affiliates use this, and I think it really dilutes our branding.

      That being said, you can use animoto to make some videos that look really sharp as well, but it all comes down to the time you are willing to spend on the videos.
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    I agree with JSProjects and JasonAaron1.

    Animoto videos just don't have the "personal touch" like a video shot with a flip cam/iPhone has.

    We live in such a lonely society now.

    People love to see a HUMAN face.

    The only real benefit I see to animoto videos is that you can create them quickly and saturate the Internet with them.

    But do people really 'share' and 'like' them at the end of the day?


    But people like and share 'human face' videos all the time

    Something to keep in mind.

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    If you're looking to make videos for a client my recommendation would be
    Fiverr / Search results for 'colchão'I've used many times and taken profits to the bank

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    Nice tool! I haven't used it but it looks like a good tool for promoting offers.

    But yes I agree with Jason it defiantly has its place not for every product promo
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    Originally Posted by thisisraz65 View Post

    I want to make couple of video for video marketing and optimization...
    anyone using animoto to make videos ?
    are those videos convincing?
    Yes Animoto is a great tool for making videos and easy to upload to You Tube.
    And can look professional if put together correctly
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    I used it for a while, but don't find I get great results with it, compared to either screencasts, or putting my beautiful face out there!!

    Seriously though, they're not as engaging as doing it yourself, but are better than nothing at all.

    Martin Platt

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    Animoto is easy to use. Exports easily to Vimeo and YouTube. The free and mid-tier account is fine but if you are going to plop down $200+, I would suggest a higher end package. It's easy to use and generic but if you are looking to produce higher end stuff I would buy Sony Vegas, Camtasia or something else.

    If you are just looking to bang out a high volume of 30 second vids than Animoto works.
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    i like animoto. i tend to sale these to my clients for like $197.
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    Sometimes I use it, and I like it, of course it depends on the video I'm working on, sometimes I use windows movie maker, Imovie, and my favorites, motion and Final Cut
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    I have tried and used it. Animoto does make pretty decent slideshows and movie animations.
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      Yes, we have used it for some simple purposes to create videos for our youtube channels that are used to promote our other main youtube channels. But we haven't used it for our personal branding. I would say it's good for personal use!

      Have you checked GoAnimate? The Video Maker from GoAnimate - Make a Video for YouTube!
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    It's a good and easy video maker. It makes pro videos. i think its easier than anything else I've ever used.
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      Animoto is useful but it certainly limits your creative ability. If you intend to churn out 30-sec videos and post it to youtube, then you can give it a go!
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    you can use powerdirector a software for creating video
    if you find animoto difficult to use..
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    I used the free version..Did not upgrade but was really impressed with how easy it was to create the videos and then sync them to YouTube...

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    Animoto is easy to use and good to start with but I think your videos will convert better if you add a personal touch. I suggest to learn to make videos with MS Powerpoint, all you need are a couple of slides and you record your speach as you go along. This kind of videos convert better since people can relate to your voice, even better thing would be to use some kind of free alternative to Camtasia.
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