How to start internet marketing ? I'm a newbie.

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I've been blogging for 2 years but I know very little about internet marketing. Now, I want to make money, where to start ? Any tips for newbies ?
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    Read this thread,

    You will get so many ideas on what to do

    Also you can more posts here on this forum, you will be getting tons of ideas.

    Good luck
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    Paul, look to people that will be honest with you about treating your IM endeavors like a business - there's not a magic button or pill here...

    Find an online mentor you can trust to tell you it's a bit of work and not try to sell you a cure-all to make money overnight. The process is simple - find a profitable niche you are passionate about, build a list and market to them. Everything is simply supports one of these objectives, or is not worth investing your time/money in.
    Kindest regards,

    Greg Ray
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    You can start by doing some research right here on WF.
    There are tons of threads giving newbies advice, tips etc.
    Here is just one:

    And this:
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      If you are getting traffic to your blog site, you may want to sign up as an affiliate at

      Make Money on Craigslist with this Easy Proven System!

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    hi santosh
    put adsense in ur blog.

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    Originally Posted by paulsantosh View Post

    I've been blogging for 2 years but I know very little about internet marketing. Now, I want to make money, where to start ? Any tips for newbies ?
    It really all comes down to the basics:

    1) Capture leads (visitors to your website) by giving them something for free ...something of VALUE.

    2) Turn those leads/prospects into buyers by selling them a low-priced front end product ...also something of HIGH VALUE.

    3) Turn those buyers into higher paying customers by offering them upsells/coaching/recurring programs, etc...

    4) Continue generating leads and continue marketing different products/solutions to your email lists.

    The money is really all in the list.

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    Internet marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via e-commerce as well as sales leads from Web sites or emails. Online marketing can be broken down into specialized areas such as SEO, social media, email marketing, blogs and forums, etc.
    You should have an integrated marketing plan to make money. For example you can use SEO to get the traffic when you start marketing online. Update your blogs as often as possible to attract more visitors. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to build or enhance customer relationship. Once your visitors subscribed, you can communicate with them frequently to turn them into your loyal customers. More information about how to do email marketing at Comm100' email marketing turorial
    Once the blogs became popular, you can rent out the blogs space for ads easily.
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      If you are receving traffic to your blog then one of the hardest parts of internet marketing is already done.

      A blog can be monetized in many ways:
      - Affiliate links in the content.
      - Adsense ads in good positions.
      - Offering paid advertising spaces (depending on the amount of traffic you receive)
      - optin box with a free gift to build an email list and send promotions to.
      - Selling your own products (if you have any).

      Bloggers can make a small fortune every month if they have the traffic and all the money making tactics in place!
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        Mr. Chris Ray said, "Find an online mentor you can trust to tell you it's a bit of work and not try to sell you a cure-all to make money overnight."

        And that's it. I'll offer one up for you right here...Tiffany Dow.
        She's a no BS Texas gal who shoots straight and tells it like it is.
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    You will get plenty of tips. Just take your time and read a lot. And then take action. :-)
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    My advice would be to pick something, and run with it - make it work. Too many people new to IM try something out for a week and then give up because it isn't working.

    Don't worry if you make a mistake, we all have, just learn from it.

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    start doing something than collecting various ebooks, videos, or joining seminar. like Nike always said, "Just do it!", repeat the process if it's success, repair your mistakes if it's not.
    Send Me PM For Details, Limited Offer!

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    First thing is you need to understand who your customer is. Are you promoting a product, an affiliate program, MLM, network marketing, training program? Create an avatar in your mind and create your promotions toward them. Who is your perfect prospect?

    Then you need to figure out where these people hang out. It's about getting your offer in front of the right people at the right time. Targeted traffic is best and you can use either free or paid methods for traffic. Whatever you do, GET THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS. Very few are going to buy the first time, so you need to cultivate a relationship with them through your autoresponder.

    You already have the blog, so you really have all you need. If you need more help, feel free to send me a PM or a friend request on Facebook.

    - Brett
    Advanced Video Marketing Strategies Watch as I show you how to get your videos ranked on the first page of YouTube.
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    Originally Posted by paulsantosh View Post

    I've been blogging for 2 years but I know very little about internet marketing. Now, I want to make money, where to start ? Any tips for newbies ?
    Read this thread i made earlier today. It will help you get started no problem but only if you take action.
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    If you've been blogging for two years, then you absolutely need to be capturing leads and find products or create a product that you can offer them. If you have any decent amount of traffic you could build a lucrative income within a month. Building out a blog is the hard part. Now, you just need to capture that one-off traffic and start building that relationship. Depending what niche you blog is in, find a product that you like, and offer it.

    Hope that helps.

    Be well,

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    First you need to work on your blog that you want to promote.

    You need to optimize it. Until you optimize your blog, your marketing effort won't be effective.

    Please read Google's starter guide for SEO, if you haven't read it yet, it can help you up to a great extent.

    Once you are done with optimization works as per the Google's guidelines then come back to the forum and ask for the right marketing strategy.
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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    First, what do you want to market online?
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    You already have a blog so you could start with it. I'm assuming it gets some traffic already since you've had it for a long time.

    You can start making some money fairly quickly buy joining Google adsense and/or signing up for an affiliate program that offers products that your blog visitors would be interested in.

    But for the long term, you will do yourself a favour if you focus on building an online business rather than just making a quick buck.

    And the best way to do that is to find a mentor who has the results you are looking for.

    Check out for more information on how to turn your blog into an online business.

    Hope this helps

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    Go to your library and see if they have books about blogging and Internet marketing. Mine does.

    Explore the FAILING$ of Two Brothers Trying to Make Money Online -

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    Wow, that is an open-ended question if I ever read one!

    My suggestion to newbies is always to start with something you know and enjoy. It is a whole lot easier to have passion about things you already enjoy, and developing income online takes passion and drive to get it going.

    Just my take on this.
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      I was in your spot once! I would check out Chris Farrell Membership. He was rated #1 IM business by IM report card!

      I have gone through his membership program and currently have a website up, and working on list building to grown my profits. This coming from a newbie!

      You will learn so much and the value is incredible. Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by paulsantosh View Post

    I've been blogging for 2 years but I know very little about internet marketing. Now, I want to make money, where to start ? Any tips for newbies ?
    I guess you have a lot of readers if you`ve been blogging for two years?

    -I don`t know what niche you are blogging about but you can easy sneak in a couple of product reviews with affiliate links in. If you have a solid base of readers you can easy make some commisions here.

    -If you don`t have a autoresponder service,get one. Ask your readers to sign up to your newsletters and offer them a free gift in exchange for their e-mail adress. Deliever the same quality content as you do in your blog and you will make commisions.
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    Like what you've said, you are already blogging for two years. I think you should have started to put some affiliate offers in your blog as well as adsense earlier. But it is always not too late bud :-)
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    There are a ton of ways to monetize your blog, and I think you're more than a few steps ahead of the game of you've been blogging for more than two years without the goal of monetization since you have already solved one of the hardest issues in monetizing a website: Quality Content.

    Without knowing your niche, it is quite difficult to figure out an optimal monetization strategy, but I would give a few of them a shot, rather than stick to one. In my opinion, if you haven't already, you should build up an email list in order to have create a constant rapport with your users and increase retention as well. This is lead generation and solid monetization method while keeping your website looking clean.

    On the other hand, you need to decide if you want to keep your blog clean (ad-less). If ads don't bother you, then I would definitely give Adsense or other display advertising tools so that you can monetize displays on your blog.

    You could also decide to transform your blog into more of an affiliate blog, but once again it is hard to help without knowing you niche and even then, I would still recommend giving multiple revenue streams a shot and seeing which one works the best for you.
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    Your blog is 2 years old and your warriorforum account is also 2 years old. I think you should have ask this question 2 years ago in this forum to get started with your blog in a better way.
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    Internet marketing is really not all that hard to do. However, perhaps the hardest part is simply getting started and sticking with it. Just because you might fail at first doesn't mean that you won't succeed.

    One thing that I would do is to come up with a product of your own, create it, then build a squeeze page so that you can begin receiving leads and traffic to build your list. Then start commenting on the forums to drive traffic to your offer whatever it might be.

    Forums are an excellent way to drive highly targeted traffic. Having your own line of information products is definitely a good shot in the right direction simply because of the mere fact that when you have your own products, then you quickly become the expert.

    Discover the real truth about online business inside a brand new report called The Truth Is Out. It will be a real eye-opener for you the entrepreneur. To get a copy, visit the URL here below.

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    What I would do is to create and sell my own digital information products such as e-books, reports, audios and or videos. These seam to be the most lucrative things to sell online.

    Now of course, if you have a service that you can provide; that too would be a great idea to start out with as well. However, the most important thing is to build a list and drive highly targeted traffic so that you can make money online.

    Building a highly responsive list is the first start in the right direction because in doing this, you're developing traffic that is already primed for what you're offering.

    Now when it comes to actually driving traffic, forum marketing is the number 1 thing tht comes to mind, as well as commenting on blogs and article marketing. All of these are free methods that you can use to drive traffic.

    And, if you're building a list, then you will want to offer something free to the new subscribers so that they can quickly become more familiar with what you do and such. Just make sure that when you offer something to the new subscribers that it is something of value, and not something that has been rehashed or given around the internet a number of times.

    People want fresh content that will engage them and keep them coming back for more. If you do these things, then you will drive traffic and make money. Just remember though, that this is work and you will be doing a lot of this to build your business.

    Treat this as a business and do the things that will guide you towards your ultimate success.

    Discover the real truth about online business inside a brand new report called The Truth Is Out. It will be a real eye-opener for you the entrepreneur. To get a copy, visit the URL here below.

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    I feel that you surely have the skill of being a blogger.

    The only thing I can say is that you can earn money by partnering with websites offering opportunities to the bloggers.

    Please search "daily deals website" on google. After you have searched then click any daily deals website (though some doesn't offer blogging partnership but some will really offer it). Navigate through their website and find "Partner with us" or something that sounds like that.

    They need a blogger for them to earn traffic and also to promote.

    Hope this helps.
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      If you're really into blogging, I would purchase IM John Chow. As I'm sure you know, he's a blogging master and the course shows you how to ultimately make money from a blog.

      Around a third of his $40,000 a month income comes from his blog. I've always been a bit skeptical about this 'claims' but I've invested in the product (mainly to review it) and I like it. Worth a peek.

      est. April 2010

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        I didn't see anything on this posted so far, so let me throw it out.

        Join the "War Room" Private Discussions Forum for $37. I have been a member for awhile and just stopped by to look at current ideas and software.

        You will come up with all kinds of good ideas and this is a lifetime membership you can access over and over as opposed to buying a new report or ebook over and over.
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    I think there are 3 things you need if you already have a blog... (1) the right mindset, (2) the right method, and (3) the right traffic. Everything else follows. That's what I think anyway and that's what keeps me going. I find these 3 the most difficult to achieve.
    Dot Com Journey - as the name suggests.
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    Simple explanations to make money is
    1. You Need Traffic
    2. You need Conversion.

    If you enjoy blogging and can get many views a day -- then you already have half the battle done. Next is conversion.

    The best and more profitable way to make money is to capture the leads that come to your site and create an email list.

    Once they are on your list -- then you want to add massive value to them, while promoting products they may find helpful every so often.
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    You can start by putting up some affiliate products/adsense/your products on your blog and start promoting them. Continue to blog and make 1 blog post everyday. Make it easy for people to sign up to your blog. Place your sign up form in an easy to see area, and consider putting a hover ad on your blog too. Then get the word out about it. Dont be afraid to suggest product(s) at the end of each blog post.
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    yeah you will have to spend time and money to learn how to make IM a sustainable business. This requires work and being focused.

    But really if you spend time building a list in a niche and give them cool stuff and then promote to an affiliate product that you don't have to produce, is a much better way for a newbie to start.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    Have a look here on the forum. Find some topics and areas that interest you for example blogging, video blogging, SEO, etc

    Then look here for posts on those topics. Interact, ask questions

    If you have the funds buy a few WSOs to put together a solid business model then STICK TO IT!

    FOCUS and keep going and testing and tweaking

    Hope this helps
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    Don't be impatient, and don't try to learn everything at the same time. Be a good student and read many posts in this forum everyday. Keep the best threads in document and learn how to create a marketing plan.

    Begin with one project and work until you will put it into practice without giving up because it takes time to start seeing results from your efforts.
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      Look around the WF you'll get plenty of ideas. There are some legit WSO's that are worth checking out in the WSO section. And if you ask a list ASAP. Feel free to check out Alex Jeffreys on the WF

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    This forum is a massive source of information. You wont get this type of info anywhere in books or courses, since everything here is implemented and tested. Days back even I have started my journey here. So just try increase your knowledge by reading related threads and then stick on to the methods.

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    instead of tell you have to start, I will tell you how I failed when I first started.


    That, my friend is the easiest way to fail.

    What I did, and had help of many senior warriors in the day, and they help me quit my job, but realistically I did these two things.

    1) Get a mentor who can help you get to where they are.

    2) read this forum everyday, and take action, do not just sit there, and say to yourself, wow that sounds good, make sure you take action on any good info you get, or have received. Some of it will not work, but 90% of the time you will see tremendous results.

    When is the best time to take action when you start in IM....simple YESTERDAY!! :-)

    I guess you get my point. :-)
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