Simple But Effective Methods.

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I know this may seem really simple to most seasoned IM'ers but I remember when I first started out I was going round in circles and getting no-where FAST!

I'd been in sales and marketing offline for over 15 years yet I still fell foul of every hyped up sales page offering "easy money" online.

It took me ages to wise up to the fact that these so called "One Click" systems just don't exist. You know the line....."This system is so simple even you're Grandma could do it!"

In the end, all I had was a laptop full of crap that I didn't know how to use or that didn't do what it claimed it would.

At this point I did a few really simple things that made a HUGE difference to my efforts to start a real online business.

1. I spent a good few hours going through my Inbox sifting through what I deemed to be worthwhile and what could be discarded and then "Unsubscribed" from all the crap!

This saved me God knows how many hours of time wasted each week simply opening and reading emails, clicking links etc. Time that could be spent more productively elsewhere.

2. I changed my thinking completely. I stopped looking for the "Easy Money Systems" and started looking for knowledge sources that would empower and enable me to build my OWN business.

I had to accept that although my experience of marketing offline would prove useful, I was basically starting all over in a new career and that meant the learning side of things had to also start over too!

3. I started to PLAN my time. Like most people starting out online, I had a full time job, and so I only had a set number of hours on an evening that I could devote to my new business, so I needed to make the most of it!

Each day I would make sure I had a "To Do List" ready for that evening, so I knew exactly what I was going to be doing before I even started.

I also started keeping a log of what is commonly known as a "Daily Done List" too. This held me accountable for my "To Do List" each and every day to ensure that I didn't drift off track!

By planning my time in this way I not only made better use of that time but it ensured that I STUCK to my plan day in day out.

I have seen amazing results in my business from applying these simple methods and wanted to share them with anyone starting out, because I feel they will really help you get going in the RIGHT direction and stop you going in circles as I did for so very long!

However simple it may seem, when it comes to implementing new things, I will make it my goal to share it here on the WF as I know the information I have gained from posts on here have proved to be invaluable to me.

I will never assume that what I have just learned or applied to my new business is too simple or easy to share. It's only easy when you "know how" right! And as an online newbie there were plenty of things that I didn't know, that I had to search out answers for.

I really hope this proves to be useful to other members who have the goal of starting an online business.

My Best Regards,

Andy Benson
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    Same thing.
    1) Unsubscribe all the crap.
    2) Focus on building a real business
    3) Take is seriously or get out.

    Either be a spender or a seller.

    Spenders buy; sellers create and sell.

    Buyers lose money; sellers earn money.

    If there was no buyers then sellers wouldn't earn their money.

    One can choose which side to take.

    Because buying is easier there will always be more of them and there is always something new to sell.
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    hi andy,
    that's really a good instruction.
    that is what i do as well, having a weekly list, scratching things off every day - very motivating!

    Free Business Class on Skillshare:

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    Thank you for sharing this info Andy. You are right on the money man.

    Unsubscribing from email lists is KEY.

    I now only subscribe to 2 people. That's it.

    And I really like the idea of the "Daily Done List"...I'm gonna start trying to do something like that.

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      Originally Posted by sscottie View Post

      Thank you for sharing this info Andy. You are right on the money man.

      Unsubscribing from email lists is KEY.

      I now only subscribe to 2 people. That's it.

      And I really like the idea of the "Daily Done List"...I'm gonna start trying to do something like that.

      Hey Scottie! Glad you found something useful from the post!

      Daily Done Lists are key. It's all well and good writing out a "To Do List" but sometimes we can get into the habit of writing them to make us "FEEL" more productive and hence better inside, when in reality we may not actually be completing it or even starting it. Then we feel bad, and so what do we do then??? Write another "To Do List" to make us feel better again!

      Only this time the list is LONGER than the last one! This is an all too common cycle that appears to be productive but in reality when you break it down, is nowhere near as productive as it could and SHOULD be!

      Having a DDL running in tandem with your TDL works REALLY well, and I'm sure if you implement it you will see great results yourself.

      Be sure to let me know how it's working for you buddy!

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