Question about Ning, displaced pets, and hurricane Gustav

by Dana_W 15 replies
I was thinking about setting up a Ning to pull together information about displaced pets and Hurricane Gustav. I would like to: find out what shelters and volunteer agencies are helping displaced pets...put a donation button on the site so people could donate...

Put links on there to places like, the ASPCA and other places that can give info about displaced pets...

And put a news feed on there that would pull in stories about Gustav and pets to keep everyone updated.

I might call it Hurricane Pets or something like that so it would stay useful after Gustav.

Then I would update all my 670 Twitter followers and ask them to spread the word.

Is this doable? Could anyone help me with the technical stuff? I could do all of the writing.
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    I can't help in this area but this would be a great and noble idea, please go through with it!
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      I'm checking on Twitter and my other social networks to see if anyone else is already doing it. If so I don't want to divert attention from them. I have been doing Google searches and I don't see anything specifically like it.

      I was so upset about Katrina and all the pets that suffered that I'd love to be able to put my internet marketing knowledge to use to actually do something this time, if no-one else is doing it.
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        Anyone? Pet lovers?
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          I do not know if this will help but I did see a clip on Fox news for this earlier. FEMA is actually helping evacuees by taking care of the pets and giving them and their owners barcoded bracelets / collars etc.However, this is only for evacuees who are actually leaving via bus and train. It is a lot more co-ordinated this time around and I have to applaud FEMA, the Government and the national guard for getting it right this time around and especially the people of New Orleans and Missisippi for actually getting the hell out of there ahead of the hurricane.

          I would imaging the local human societies would have the extra information we need to help with this and I would be happy to help in any way I can.


          Sean Donahoe
          The Manic Marketer
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            great idea really.
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              What would be the fastest way to get something up and running? Is there a way to set up a website that doesn't take a day or two to propogate?
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                Here is a site already on Ning - saw it on Twitter.

                Gustav Information Center

                Rush PBN - PRO PBN SETUP - 10 PAGE SITE !!! Premium Theme
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                I like the idea, but is ning your best option? Ning is to build a social networking community and while the idea is very noble I don't know understand why people would sign up as a member, besides having the moral support of the members.

                I think a straight information site with RSS feeds would do just fine, maybe a wordpress syndicated site, you can utilize the Revolution Theme and post videos, and have multiple featured sections.

                The mid features could be of sheltered homes, and the left side features could be articles on people that lost pets... You can post video's of videos of pet's sitting on a house while the flood is around them, i remember seeing videos like this one after Katrina.

                In conclusion, I think ning is not your solution, you can make wordpress a social type site with Wordpress MU, maybe you can create more of a "lost pet" directory and start the promotion targeting those of hurricane losses, hurricanes only effect us two months of the year, but if you target the general lost pet industry or even the "storm lost pets" you can take on Tornados, hurricanes, Tusnami's, etc

                With Wordpress MU, each individual can have there own "Lost a Pet" page where they can post a picture of their lost pet and talk about their pet... etc.
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                  I think you are right, Todd. By the way I have another Twitter person working with me on this too.
                  I am not trying to monetize this, mind you, just set up something that would help fund no kill shelters and help people find their pets or find homes - even if temporary - for their pets.
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                  Hey Todd, I didn't see the PM yet...

                  The thing with Wordpress, does that take a day or two to get a hosted site up and running and accessible to the public? When I set up sites on Bluehost and Godaddy in both cases it took about 48 hours before the sites were up and running.

                  I was hoping to set something up tommorrow.
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