How Much Time Do You Invest On Traffic Generation

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Hey Warriors.

Just recently I've taken my marketing back to basics.

I'm using free traffic methods only.

Just curious -

How long do you spend generating traffic to your content each day?

Thanks in advance

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  • Profile picture of the author paul nicholls
    i will be honest, i don't do hardly any now

    i spent a lot of effort building my free traffic up so now it's on mainly auto-pilot

    i don't always just focus on free traffic though, i also focus a lot on getting others to send me traffic and buyers through my products which is a much more high leveraging task than doing it all yourself

    at the start it takes work but once things start to build things become much easier
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    I agree with Paul. Get it set up, monitor it, and make adjustments as needed. For new people spend more time on marketing and less time on making changes to your site and checking your sales stats and email over and over. I would say 90% of your time should be spent on marketing unless you outsource that task.
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      I spend a lot of time on traffic generation! My site is set up so right now my focus is building that list!!

      It's happening slowly but surely and I can see how the work at the beginning can be daunting, but if you stick with it one day I know it will snowball and I will see awesome results!
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    i think more important in traffic building is to spend your time efficiently .... diversify the traffic sources as much as possible ... With the current trends in online traffic you have to be very vigilant and you can not rely on a single traffic source ...

    As far as spending time is concerned .. in the start it takes a lot of time .. but if you are consistent then it really pays off ...

    You can break down things on daily basis like some article submissions, guest postings, backlinking etc ... depending on your time ....
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  • Profile picture of the author TravisO
    Hi All,

    Getting website is not that much expensive. Although
    if you want your website to get as much traffic in one day or two,
    well then you can outsource SEO's. Some of them have very
    cheap hourly rates, but they are good enough to help get some
    traffic on your website.

    Thanks All.
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