What are reliable host affiliate programs with decent hosting services?

by wass11
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I want to be a host affiliate. (perhaps, though web hosting field is very, very competitive relating Price and quality of hosting service)

Actually I haven't used any of web hosting company, so if I promote a specific web hosting, I would do what I use because I don't want to promote something unconditionally with feeling prick of conscience, not based on a frank views generated from persinal experience.

I was going to promote Hostgator with using that hosting service but from the point of that is taking so many criticism for not paying out affiliate commissions properly. so I decided to register with other hosting company and promote.

Deamhost or bluehost affiliate seems to be reliable (for a little quality hosting service and affiliate program), what do you think about them?

I also contemplate on any other affiliate programs to pay out at a certain ratio of hosting fees registered monthly with permitting PPC, what kinds of these type affiliate programs reliable are out there?
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    I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are asking. However, if you are looking for a reliable hosting company to use and promote I would say take a serious look at GVO and Pure leverage.

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    We use Bluehost and it has always been reliable. They have a very generous affiliate program as well.
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      I tried GVO a few years back, and their support was terrible and support was needed there.

      I have been happy with hostgator for my sites, but I would recommend you take a look at the recommendations from a reputable place that is not looking to push hosts mainly because of getting paid for referrals I'm curious why hostgator didn't make the cut there.

      WordPress › PHP / MySQL Web Hosting


      ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    +1 on Bluehost
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    HostGator may have criticism about paying out properly, but their payment structure is amazing.
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    Hello Wass11,

    I recommend hostgator since there support is easy to contact 24/7 live chat.

    John Lagoudakis
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      Originally Posted by johnlagoudakis View Post

      Hello Wass11,

      I recommend hostgator since there support is easy to contact 24/7 live chat.

      John Lagoudakis
      I agree. I use Hostgator and I love it, especially the 24/7 live chat, which I have utilized many times.
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    To start out go with Hostgator because their support is phenomenal but others have better payouts.
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    Originally Posted by wass11 View Post

    Actually I haven't used any of web hosting company
    You haven't used any web hosting company? Do you just have web 2.0 properties?
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