Whats the best way to use PayPal?

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Im new to this Warrior forum. But i like it already

My digital product goes live very shortly and im just wondering if anyone knows a specific way in which to use PayPal so that you pay the least fees possible? Please excuse this question if it sounds silly, its just that 1. My math is not so good and 2. im wondering how much and how often i should withdraw funds from PayPal so as not to be stung.

Do any of you guys have a system?

Or recommend a different merchant account for a newbie internet marketer like myself?

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    Even if you keep your ballance low and you get a chargeback they'll come after you to collect.
    If you have a verified account connected to your bank acount they just withdraw the money.
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      So, in other words "dont use PayPal" or...?
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        I use paypal, I have a verified account and a credit and debit card. I keep money in their money market account but I don't get a lot of chargebacks and I usually win the ones I do get.

        I also have an account with authorize.net.
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          I use paypal alot and have had all kinds of issues happen generally in most cases they only hold the money for the issue that is in question.

          I use paypal because its popluarity, I always keep my balance low and in my hands.

          I understand using paypal for membership sites is the pits because the member is able to unsubscribe too easy in the paypal control panel. As oppose to the other merchant accounts you force the member to unsubscribe via a support center etc...

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          I dont recommend paypal as a payment processor because some time frozen your account if you have big launch and you win realy big if you want to despite that just tell them that you expect very big result to avoid vrozen account
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