Using gmail for email marketing

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If your budget is really low and you use your personal gmail account for email marketing would that be effective?
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    try mailchimp............think they stil have a free 2000 emails still...
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    An autoresponder service takes care of the legal requirements for email marketing such as unsubscribe links, etc. A good service is more likely to be delivered to inbox than ending up in spam or not arriving at all. That's why using your personal email account is not effective and risky.
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    Totally agree with Craig.

    You'd really struggle using Gmail!

    For just $19 a month you can build a list of 2,500 i think it is and you get the first month free.

    I use Aweber and it rocks
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      Hello deebee23,

      I agree what Craig Crawford said. Besides aweber is the best autoresponder for email marketing. Using personal gmail account is risky since google doesn't allow any spamming.

      John Lagoudakis
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    Aweber or use some other cheaper one but certainly dont go for gmail. It wont be effective.
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    use gmail for email marketing is not recommended.
    because you can only send a few emails.
    You better use Email Marketing Software & Autoresponder from GetResponse price is quite cheap there.
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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    If your budget is really low and you use your personal gmail account for email marketing would that be effective?
    "Email marketing", to me, means sending permission-based marketing emails to people who have subscribed to a list.

    I don't understand how one could feasibly use gmail to send out automated series of emails so that all the subscribers would receive the series, in order, each on the specified number of days since subscribing. It seems to me that for anything more than a very small handful of subscribers, it would be completely unmanageable.

    I haven't checked this because I don't use gmail, myself, but I'd think it may also be pretty difficult to do in accordance with their terms of service?

    It would also be a false economy, even as a starting-point, because almost no autoresponder company would allow a list "built" that way to be imported into their service anyway.

    I think GetResponse charges from about $12 per month, with the first month free. That gives would-be email marketers a couple of months to cover their first $12+ autoresponder expenses. Without being able to take $12 or so in two months, it isn't a business anyway.

    There are some thoughts on "free autoresponders" here, if anyone wants them.
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      I'm going to give you another angle to view this question.

      What if the OP is in a market where they depend on email exchanges from prospects rather than autoresponder sequences?

      "Email Marketing" is simply marketing using email.

      I think the answer depends somewhat on the business model.

      I've seen authors and consultants use gmail addresses to correspond with prospects and customers, with good success.

      Why not let the OP furnish a little more information before jumping in?
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    Something to consider though, with the cheaper/free email systems you may find not all will actually be delivered. I would recommend Aweber, and take advantage of its trial. Then hopefully you will be mostly up and running by the time the trial runs out.

    I always think with things like this, you get what you pay for.
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    As suggested above you may want to look into mailchimp as a possible free solution.

    Please do not promote affiliate programs in your signature

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    Gmail offers 10 GB of free storage for your messages and attachments, and they are adding more space in the near future. Your storage use is based on the size of all of the messages and attachments in your mail, including those in Spam and Trash. You can check how much space you're using and your storage limit at the bottom of any Gmail page.

    If you approach your storage limit, the quota indicator will change from green to red. If you go over your limit, incoming messages to your account will be returned to the sender.

    If you've hit your limit and need to clear space, you'll need to move messages to Trash and permanently delete them from there.

    I hope 10GB is more than sufficient for you now.
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    I would highly suggest you check out GVO's Host Then Profit system. You get web hosting, an auto responder, video hosting, web conferencing, etc. for about $10 a month. You can't beat the price and they are owned by marketers so they understand your business. Their deliverability is excellent as well. I have been with them for 4 years. They also have an affiliate program so you can earn money if you want to promote it. Very cool service.
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    You should only consider using an auto-responder such as Aweber, mailchimp or getresponse as these can run virtually on autopilot once you set them up, Aweber seems to be the most popular among Marketers and they do offer a $1 30 day trial. I just done a quick google search for free auto responders and a product called listwire came up as being totally free but I havnt got a clue what it's like. If you used gmail you wouldn't have a clue what was happening to any emails(are they actually being opened) you sent so you could and probably would be wasting your time.
    Aweber and other autoresponders do a lot more as well than just send email.
    hope this helps
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    I'm the type of dude who spies on everyone.

    (I'm talking 007 style son; if you have an email list there's at least 25% chance I'm watching).

    I've seen plenty of email marketers use gmail accounts for their autoresponders.

    I haven't personally split tested the effectiveness of email addresses, but I always use an email on my own domain.

    I think it makes you look more professional, it's kinda like what Bill Cosby said.

    "You're offering me a piece of steak on a garbage can lid".

    Take that for what it's worth.
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    I tried for quite a while to save money by not using an auto responder but I now realize that I was leaving money on the table. The real money is in the list and your list must be handled in a professional way. Always use an auto responder.
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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    If your budget is really low and you use your personal gmail account for email marketing would that be effective?
    You may not need to. You can use Listwire - someone has mentioned it above.

    But, using Aweber or Getresponse will be better for you in the long run. I used to use a cheap but popular autoresponder when I started out and found to my horror that most of my emails did not reach the intended recipients.

    I switched to Aweber and also use Getresponse for my different needs. My experience has been that both have excellent delivery rates, professional service and excellent support.
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      We use Aweber for most of our lists, but if the $19 is tight, I would go with MailChimp to get started. At least you would have some structure to your list, and you could either upgrade your mail chimp later or transfer your list to another provider when you are ready.
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    It is not bad idea to use gmail to send up to 100 mails a day
    It wouldn't be a problem
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    Personally, I wouldn’t suggest you to do so because email service providers such as gmail have a limit on the number of recipients you can include in one email as well as the number of emails you can send per day. They do this to protect their great free service from being misused by spammers. Anyway, their email service is mainly for personal use.
    If you need to send to a large email list regularly, I suggest you find a professional email marketing service. This kind of service is designed to quickly deliver your email to a large number of recipients and can maximize inbox delivery rate. You can check out Comm100, the price is reasonable.
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    Nah, gmail would be terrible for this. Go for AWeber... It's pretty basic. Saves you a lot of hassle.

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    I really wouldn't advise you using gmail or hotmail or anything like that for email marketing. You can get a trial of Aweber or one of the other many autoresponders out there and they will save you a lot of headaches in the future in terms of managing your list. So much easier as well.
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