The Warrior Forum blog is handy...use it!

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Cool, another place you can submit high quality content to!

Click "Blogs" at the top and get started. I'm surprised there's so few blog postings as of now. Allen has already said the only rule is don't promote like's not only a free backlink to any sites you want, it's totally free traffic and a way to build your network.

Some ideas of content you can post to the blog (hint: re-use your content!):

1.) Links to free reports you have
2.) Newsletter content you send to your lists
3.) Occasional product announcements
4.) Blog posts from your own blog
5.) Good PLR Content you've found
6.) Unique Articles you've had written
7.) WSO Notifications
8.) Videos you've made
9.) Links to great Warrior Forum posts you've seen
10.) Links to other blog posts

It's also easy to link to the blog posts from other sites, too...(meaning, if you're smart about it, you can use the blog to build your own network of traffic.)

What other ways can you see to use the Warrior Forum blog to your advantage? Or what other content can you think of to put on it?

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