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by Sean A McAlister 3 replies
I hope someone can help me here!!!!!!!1

I am wrapping up an ebook... and I have deleted a bunch of items which
is leaving me with 20 blank pages.....

I am unable to simply go to the last paragraph and hit delete as normal to rid the doc of the blank pages

there is a line like this, directly below the last paragraph that I can not click -or-type on the other side of....
__________________________________________________ ________________

It only allows me to go to the next pages header or footer....
and not in the body

Any idea's on how I can fix this so I can delete the blank pages

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    Are you using headers and footers, if so you may need to delete these as they are keeping the pages open.

    alternately start from fresh and copy the pages you wish to keep and paste them into the new doc.
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      Don't know if this will help or not, but worth a try. If I remember correctly, go to the next page or sentence past blank page and just back space. Not too fast or you will erase copy above blank page.

      That may be what you are trying now. Maybe a little different in how we do it.

      If it works the pages will correctly show page numbers--but you will have to change your Table of Contents page numbers to match the new page numbers.
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