Best time to send newsletters?

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What is the best time to send newsletters to your subscribers.
Weekdays, weekend, morning, evening, during working hours???

Please share your experiences.
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    During working hours works best for me.

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    How about Friday, during working hours?
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      Originally Posted by Bond1806 View Post

      How about Friday, during working hours?
      No, Friday everyone is party/relax/unfocused/facebook mode.

      Try Tuesday, right before lunch or after lunch.

      But at the end of the day, anytime can work. Just get sending!
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        Originally Posted by Greedy View Post

        Try Tuesday, right before lunch or after lunch.
        Lunch in which country?
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          Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

          Lunch in which country?
          In country from which most of your subscribers come from

          Tuesday - Thursday sounds fine with me. It makes sense.
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            It depends on the nature of your business. If you're offering something 'work' related, you're likely to have most success if you time it during working hours - otherwise, people often just want to relax and forget about work.

            If it's recreational product, you might want to try weekends.

            If it's a weight loss product, Monday morning might be a good time - when people have overindulged over the weekend and want to get back on track.

            It's different for every niche, every product, and each business. The best approach is to test until you find the right day and time for you.

            Good luck!
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    try to send always at the same time every day , so your subscribers knows or expect that you will send at that time.

    Always , test , and check you click rates and opening and see how it works for you.

    Good luck
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    I send my newsletters once a week. To both sites.
    Tuesday sounds good to me.
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    I let my autoresponder do all the work for me. I dont have any particular day. I set all of my emails to every 3 days. Either they open, read, and order - or they dont. The only time i do broadcast emails is if i have a special promotion going on (ex: holiday sale, half off sale every few months).
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    I think Tuesday-Thursday is a good time, Fridays people are looking forward to the weekend and probably won't take much notice. Plus, a lot of people won't check their mails on the weekend so it could get lost in the junk come Monday morning.
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    What is the best time to send newsletters to your subscribers.
    Weekdays, weekend, morning, evening, during working hours???

    Personally, I have always wondered this as well!

    Therefore, I went out and did a little bit of testing.

    The results that I found out were:

    -- The best time to send out FREE content is 7AM EST

    -- The best time to PROMOTE is 12PM EST

    I don't know why this is, but for me I have been able to get more opens, clicks and sales at this time.

    I don't think that it matters too much, as long as you send them emails on a regular basis - so that they start to recognise your name within their inbox.

    I don't usually send out more than 4 emails per week.

    Thanks :-)
    Tom Glover
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    There is a lot of nonsense talked about this.

    Like so many things connected with Internet marketing you have to look to your own stats and list dynamics to make a realistic judgment. What seems to work for one person might not work for you.

    I have seen many different marketers publish analyses of open rates, responsiveness, epc etc based on the day of the week emails are sent, but in my own experience (1300+ newsletters over eleven years) there really isn't much difference between one weekday or another. An effect you might see one week may not appear the next.

    My own open rates don't change significantly according to day of week, time of day or even, particularly, subject line (they always announce the name of my newsletter and that's what makes most people open it, it seems).

    Saturdays and Sundays are a bit different - my own list seems to have a significant percentage of people who subscribe from their work email address, so open rates tend to be lower at weekends. However, if I do sent out on Saturdays and Sundays, I generally see a surge in open rates on Mondays, so I guess it evens up.

    If your subscribers are interested in what you have to say, they will read you any day of the week.

    A funny story about time of day...

    I was speaking at a seminar recently a one of the other speakers happened to mention that she tends to send out her newsletters at the same time of day as I do (generally 11am UK time) because she had noticed that when I promoted her products I'd had a very high conversion rate.

    I was flattered, of course, but had to admit that there is no science involved in my timing - I just get up when I want to, write my newsletter and send it out when I'm done. That's usually before lunch so that I can take my wife out to eat!

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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    Why don't you just test it... We can ALL guess it, but who are your customers? Old grandmas that go to sleep early? Or 18 year old males that go to sleep at 5am....

    Ask this question: What's my audience? When do they have time... And yeah, if you don't know the answer JUST TEST IT... Trial and error could be the answer

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    "It's easier than you think..."

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    I would say during work hours when you're checking your email, or maybe during lunchtime because people will check their personal email and also have time to read a newsletter.
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    Yes I think that my audience will like it better on weekdays. I used to send on Friday at the end of the working hours but click through rate was not to high.
    Will have to test it on Tuesday, for example.
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    I realize when you send is of little significance. It's what your subject title is. I think that's REALLY important.
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    Back in the day it used to be NEVER ON MONDAY. Now I don't worry when I send because I Broadcast the same email message 3 different times with different subject lines.

    With all the noise in the email in box going on it is easy for your email to get mass deleted with all the other emails. The ISPs put filters on and you have to get around those. And just as this topic is about, it just may be the wrong time of day or wrong day.

    It does not take long to copy/paste the same email message and create a new subject line and hit the send button.

    I have found that I do get more response from the 2nd and 3rd email that I do on the first. So this method works for me and it will work for you also.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    I set up my autoresponder (GetResponse) to send follow up messages at the same time of a day when each particular subscriber subscribed to my list by buying my product. I also set up the autoresponder to avoid sending emails in weekends. The open rate is really good and I'm not going to change anything for now.
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    Tuesday morning, after 9:00 am o'clock
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    Tuesday to Thursday in U.S. working hours time.
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