How Many Opt-ins Are Needed Before A Sale Is Made?

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My current list is at about 120 right now, and growing by about 8-15 every day. I've launched several broadcasts with a few clicks and impressions here and there, but still have yet to make a sale. Most of the products that i am promoting in my emails, are things that would improve marketing performance, and so on. Most of them are also re-bills. What kind of impact does this have? About how many opt-ins or subscribers are needed to start making consistent sale?

And i am focusing on building trust with my subscribers. I know they won;t just buy on a whim.
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    How closely related are your follow ups with the ads? Also, how are you getting people to sign up-ie., are you pushing a freebie or just asking them to subscribe to get offers? Being upfront can produce better results.
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    1. It's impossible for us to say. Conversions depend on a LOT of things. Obviously a $7 product would be expected to convert a lot higher than a $497 product. A one time payment would also be expected to convert better than a rebill (all other things equal).

    2. You said you have 120 subscribers but you've only had a few impressions and clicks here and there. Let's take the average sales page conversion of anywhere from around 1-3%. That means 1-3 out of every 100 people typically purchase something (again this is not a guarantee though and depends on the product, the sales page, the message to market match, the traffic quality, etc). If you have only had a few views on the salespage then it's very normal you haven't made any sales.

    But from what you have said above it sounds like the biggest leak in your funnel is people not clicking through in your emails. You can have a list of 10,000 people but unless they click on the links in your emails, they are virtually worthless to you. So you need to concentrate on getting more people actually opening your emails and more people clicking the links inside those emails.

    Make sure the products or services you are recommending are VERY tightly matched to the reason those people joined your list in the first place. If they aren't then people simply won't buy. You might also want to try recording a short video review of the product, walk people through you actually purchasing the product and then going through it so they have piece of mind they are not about to get scammed and can see you have actually purchased the product yourself.
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    You're questions are really, really good.

    Here's the problem:

    It's impossible to answer any of them.

    As Will mentioned...

    ...there are WAY to many variables involved to
    know for sure WHAT direction for you to take.



    ...that's just the truth.

    As much as I would like to think I'm giving you
    great one here can point out the
    problem because there are so many factors:

    How did you build your list? What did you
    promise on the opt-in? What are your emails
    like? How many people do you have? What
    kind of relationship do you have with them?
    Are they buyers or non-buyers? Mix of both?

    You see...'s just not possible to give you a straight
    answer because...a coach or mentor would
    be your best bet (or really, really good system
    with a converting funnel that's proven)

    Just keep truckin'.

    I can say this...'re going to need a lot MORE than 100+
    subscribers to start seeing results of any kind (i.e
    sales) building your list the way most people do

    I know Alexa has a unique approach that works
    for her...I'm venturing into that direction...I'm sure
    she'll pop up at some point to lend you hand.
    **How I FLIPPED $80 into $690 Pure Profit With ONE EASY Method...2 to 3x Per Week...Only 30 Minutes Per Day (and how YOU can COPY my RESULTS, too!) **CLICK HERE FOR VERIFIED VIDEO PROOF**
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    It could take anywhere from 1-1000 or more.

    I was seeing sales as early as 50 subscribers and didn't make really *good* income until I hit 2000.

    Had I known the things I know now, I could have easily hit massive sales with 50 or less subscribers.

    You need to solve your subscribers problems ASAP and give them their fix.
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    The approx worst list answer would be 1000 optins with 1% conversion and $50 product = 1 sale.

    That's it, this is the worst situation and if you still cant get a sale, change your leads and niche.
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    Hi there,

    I would suggest to build a relationship first, offer them a free high-value product that solves a problem, and then suggest a product/ service that would best benefit the reader. There is no definite number of sub's that you need to hit first in order to make a sale. It's all about what you can give them first. Put yourself on the other side of the computer, and then you'll know what to offer them.


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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    Give people reasons to buy from you when there are several others out there.
    Build a relationship by offering for free things and tips you could easily charge for, this will provide more grounds for you to have repeat of sales.
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    have you been tracking how many of your emails get opened? If not you should be the problem could be as simple as your subject line is not catchy enough to get people to even give it a second look. I always send my list a good freebie every now and then so they look forward to my next email. Always give away high quality stuff not just a pdf with no good content just to get affiliate like in front of them. another thing i do to gain trust is send e cards to them on major holidays.
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    How long is a piece of string man? Super targeted leads might convert at one in three or one in four... or you could have an untargeted list that needs hundreds before you get a single sale.

    On one of my lists I'm converting at about 10%, which I consider to be pretty darn good.

    In another it's like 0.5%, which is rubbish.
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    It's a hard question to answer because there are so many variables involved but making sales from marketing to your list doesn't really have anything to do with the size of your list. You could make sales on a list of 10 people if you're promoting something relevant to them that will solve a problem they have.

    Don't choose products/services to promote just because they are higher priced things (I'm not suggesting that you do this, I'm just recommending it's not a good thing to do) and you think you'll make more money promoting a higher priced item. You should start out recommending products/services you have personally used so you can tell your mailing list your personal experience with it. It's hard to promote something that you haven't used.

    Continue to build a relationship with your list. In the end, people buy from those they know, like and trust.
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    I think the problem could easily be copywrite. What kind of ad copy to you have for your emails? If your are signed up to a bunch of mailing lists take your the stuff that gets you to click and learn something from that headline. Copywriting is something that you get better at by practicing.... that and being sold to.

    I hope that helps if so please press the thanks button, it'll help out my profile. Thanks!
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    The question is what are your conversion rates? Once you know this then you can easily see where your at along with test and tweak to improve things.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    How many clouds do you need before it rains?

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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      Originally Posted by twister85 View Post

      The approx worst list answer would be 1000 optins with 1% conversion and $50 product = 1 sale.
      Erm am i missing something or misunderstanding you?
      But the math is not quite right?

      1% of 1000 optins is not 1 sale. Its 10 sales. right? :confused:
      Originally Posted by twister85 View Post

      That's it, this is the worst situation and if you still cant get a sale, change your leads and niche.
      There are many things you can do before changing your niche altogether.

      You spend time setting up a business around this niche and when it doesnt work the 1st time round you pack up and start over again ? That is not the way to go in my opinion.

      He can try changing the approach he is using to get the opt ins as mentioned by other warriors.

      Or send more emails that have nothing to do with buying anything, to build trust 1st.

      And going through thoroughly the offers you are about to send them and not just any junk you find in the junk yard of IM launches.

      And if you are pushing your own product, you can always play around with your sales page or sales video.

      There are so many things to do before changing course totally.

      Originally Posted by John Romaine View Post

      How many clouds do you need before it rains?
      Yea, not trying to be rude or put the op down, but i think it is the kind of question that is in the same category.

      But nonetheless i know where the OP is coming from, and it does spark some meaningful discussions.

      But the question per se is of cos unanswerable.
      Pain is a perception, so is defeat & happiness!
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    There are so many other factors that affect how well a sales letter converts outside of how many opt-ins you receive...

    - Source of your traffic
    - Is it warm or cold traffic?
    - What's your product priced at?
    - Is there a clear USP?

    All of these things play a factor into how many opt-ins it takes to make a sale. If you have a high ticket product, converting 0.5% of your opt-ins is astoundingly well. If you have a low priced product, that conversion rate is awful.

    One thing you need to know is how well your marketing campaign performs is the sum of all its individual parts. So you have to take all this in mind when you're making goals for yourself.
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    We are not able to give a precise recommendation
    as we did not see your product.

    The key is to offer a high-converting OTO product
    after they opt-in.

    One mistake I often see newbie makes is to
    promote their own product.

    Perhaps, there have too many ill advice that
    selling own product will get to full 100% commission.

    Often, this will lead to poor sale as newbies are still
    not sensitive to the market needs.

    I recommend all newbies to promote high converting
    affiliate program 1st. Only starting promoting your
    own product in your email follow-ups.
    This is more cost effective.

    You will need to earn back your paid traffic cost at the
    fastest time.

    As for the subscription size to start making money,
    this is rather relative as this determine by your traffic quality.
    For my case, I only start making consistent income after my list
    grew to 1500 subscribers.

    However, I have friends that manage to have decent income with
    smaller list of 1k.
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    There is no right answer to this.

    You can get 200 subscribers and only one can buy. Sometimes no one will buy.

    There are times where you will get 10 new subscribers per day and 2 of them will buy.

    It all depends on the quality of these people.

    There were many times where I got like 500 leads and only 2-3 people bought so just because you are getting these subscribers does not mean that any or high percentage of them will buy from you.

    You just have to bring in new and fresh leads on a daily basis and stay persistent.
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    A lot of it depends on how you build credibility with your audience. Also, the ads you take must help your credibility.
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    Its like asking how long is a piece of string! But you are definatly heading in the write direction keep building your list and test your emails see how many opens clicks etc you are getting
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      Starting out building a list you really need to take your
      primary focus off trying to make sales and put it on
      genuinely helping your subscribers in any way you can.

      To do that you need to get to know who they are and
      what's important to them right now.

      This is a business of people...influencing people and the
      more you focus on that the better you'll do.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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      Like many have said before....there is no real way to quantify how many you need to make a sale. It could be just one...or it could be a 1000.

      The simple truth is that most people building an email list and trying to market to it offer NOTHING of value. All they do is send email after email trying to get sales. They do not even try to build a relationship. It is ridiculous.

      I just got done unsubscribing to about 100 people because they literally provide NO value to me. All they do is spam me with emails.

      List building is not rocket science...when I figured out that people want help....that is when I started making money. I have taken my experiences and decided to help others succeed. And doing that does NOT mean I just send three emails a day to my list trying to sell them something.

      I provide value to them..I lead them in the right direction and promote products that I know work and will help them succeed. That is what people want!

      You also need to make sure that you are sending the proper emails to the proper group of people. If you got people to subscribe based on wanting to learn more about how to make money with Amazon...and then you send them emails promoting list building all the time that is not going to work nearly as well as sending them emails promoting products that can help them sell more Amazon products.
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    you just need one person to make a sale.

    One person.

    Focus one person.

    Focus on how to solve the problems of that one person.

    Why that person is on your list.

    Know exactly what that one person wants and needs and will buy.

    Then, write to that one person in each email. As long as you keep your list focused, and keep the subject matter very relevant, you can start to see results.

    There should be a strong focus right from the beginning, right from when each person will first sign up to your list.
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    Another factor is the PURITY of your list. What's the point of having 100000000000000000000 people on your list when only a small fraction clicks? You are better of FILTERING your list by installing pre-filters. It all begins with how you recruit them. Filter there. Then filter again to a PURE LIST after they finish a multiday email lesson series.
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    You should wait at least 7 days before sending out hard sell offers to cold subs.

    Use the first e-mails to deliver valuable content to them. Educate them, relieve their pain and you shall get paid when you ask for it!

    There is just a right moment for inserting your hard sell e-mail campaigns.
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