Ever had a seller cancel sale after eBay auction ends?

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I put in a decent size bid on a domain name that was being auctioned on eBay. Somehow I won the auction for just 99 cents. I was shocked. I was at my day job when the auction ended and was going to pay for it when I got home from work. A couple of hours after the auction ended I received a notice from eBay that the seller wants to cancel the sale because they sold it to someone else on another site.

I did a little research and see the domain is being auctioned at GoDaddy auctions with a starting price >$5K, with no bids. It seems obvious to me that they didn't think the domain would only go for 99 cents on ebay.

I still haven't paid yet and ebay gave me 5 days to accept or decline the offer to cancel the sale. I think if I decline the cancel and pay the seller still won't deliver the domain name.

Anyone had this happen? The domain is registered at GoDaddy if it matters.
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  • If you are talking about 99 cents, decline the offer to cancel the sale, and pay the 99 cents and put the ball back in the sellers court. He will either have to deliver the item, or come up with something else to satisfy you. He will risk a negative review, (which you surely should write, if he does not deliver an item you won, or finds a suitable solution ).
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    Plus that seller should not be trying to do two auctions at the same time at different locations for the same item. That's just poor business sense.
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