Trademarked Name In Competitor's Domain So What?

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Say you are entering a popular niche with a trademarked name eg. Nike Shoes

Obviously, you wouldn't bother registering a domain name with the word nike in it. Upon exploring the keywords in the niche, you saw your future competition ranking high up in the Search Engines with domains like or etc.

So what do you do? Would you report the infringing domains to Nike? Or let Nike discover themselves and try outranking them the way you know best?

Comments appreciated

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  • I second honestbizpro's advice...your time is better spent working on your business - not worrying about ratting out your competitors. Sooner or later Nike will put the hammer down and if they don't, then what would you do if you ratted them out? Either way, you need to worry about your own sites and work on getting them ranked!

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