Update - How Groupon has Changed and How To Take Advantage of This As a Consultant

by Neil V
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It has been a while. Well almost a year and half since i shared what is going on with groupon

I still get messages asking how Groupon is working for my clients and is it still worth it?

so i decided to share some quick strategies in the hope it may help you

The answer is yes. over the last two years i have helped over 3 business go from start-up to over $200k in business.
All of that from Groupon. This was in the fitness niche.

One closed down because of bad management but that's a story for another day.

It is harder to promote on groupon these days without the right skill

Groupon have turned local businesses into commodity businesses.

Clients are crying out calling clients deal hoppers, coupon seekers, etc

some of these businesses have even stopped promoting on groupon.

At the end of the day Groupon is just another marketing channel and if used correctly still works today

Here's what i am doing now and can help you if you are a local consultant

I just entered a deal with a client to promote an app he developed on Groupon

It is an android and iphone app in the fitness market. We packaged the app with some services and got this approved

we using product launch formula with his lists and using facebook to drive traffic directly to Groupon

We want to make this launches huge. If we do Groupon will continue to promote us around the country and get our app launched in a unique way

As far as i am aware (i could be wrong) this is first of a kind launch where we promoting an app on Groupon

While most apps are free we going to hopefully reach high 6 figures by year end with this strategy

Thats one way

Also i am doing something very unique to drive traffic for my fitness clients on groupon

while most sell only a few hundred vouchers to their boot camps and personal training deals we managed to run a campaign where we sold an information product (yes an info product) on groupon in long island and sold over 500 vouchers.

My client ended up converting over 70 new personal training clients from this info product launch which was the front to get more leads

With a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box you can really help your clients drive leads and get some fast cash flow to their business

coming up with the right strategy first is imperative for success

I hope this helps you in some way.

If you have any questions please post them below and i will do my best to help
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    Selling info products or online courses on Groupon seems like a no-brainer. Is there a way to see how many vouchers are sold to each business so I can determine which niches are selling well?

    Are you able to sell affiliate products on Groupon?


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