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Is it just me or is godaddy slow????? is there a faster one? im willing to pay $20 more per year. Maybe thats why godaddy is cheap?
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    It might be your internet connection. Try resetting your modem.
    As I don't think godaddy has that issue(based on godaddy user).
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    when i use for my site, it says that the DNS look up is the part that takes long
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    Yes, they are.

    The problem is that they jam a lot of domains onto one server to maximize their profits, and minimize their costs.

    If you do a reverse ip lookup, you will see how many domains - prepare to be shocked.

    For hosting you're better off elsehwere, like Hostgator.

    That said, the DNS lookup part is for the name servers, and that shouldn't be massively affected no matter where it is. So I wouldn't expect a massive improvement in DNS lookup speed, but I would expect a huge difference in hosting speed.

    Martin Platt

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