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Should I make a movie or video game review site? I love to watch all types of movies and rent the latest new popular video games that are out, Either i watch Netflix or redbox to rent and watch or play them and take notes. So do you guys think it would be a good idea to write a website like this even though there are already big brand names doing it.

Should I make my wordpress site a blog type or more of a static page with drop down categories, and to monetize my site i would be a gamefly and amazon affiliate and other game and movie related programs.

Would love to hear some feedback:rolleyes:
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    What are you asking for? If you know your subject, get going with it, and then tell us how successful you are once you're doing it.

    I suspect that you will come across issues as you go, and that's when you should ask specific questions here. Don't ask permission.

    How you implement your interface is down to testing - try both, and see which is the most successful. I suspect that you'd want an area to present new movies or new games, as thats probably what most people are looking for, then have categories for all the historical stuff.

    The blog is just how you present your data, and I'd say that this would be the easiest way forward for you. You can make some awesome looking blogs for reviewing that sort of thing...

    Martin Platt

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    Originally Posted by nitrojeff View Post

    Should I...
    Yes, you should!

    Go for it and build it!

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    Please post your proper question in the thread title so people know what the thread is about.

    Warrior Forum Rules...

    3. Use subject lines that indicate something specific about your question. Subjects like "Heeelllp!" or "I'm annoyed" are pointless and waste people's time. They also usually fail to get the attention of the folks most well-equipped to give you useful answers.
    I don't like having to open threads like this to find out what they are actually about.
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    Sure it's a great way to get your opinions out there. But don't mainly do it for the money because there are ton of review sites out there. Hard to get popular now a days with so much competition. Try to go after a niche with in niche, could be better.
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    I say go for it. But, because of your niche, make sure you do a responsive site. I know I buy stuff from my favorite gaming sites through my iPhone!
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    Get a domain name now but start doing your reviews on FB. Once you have FB followers then start cross-posting to your blog. Then slowly migrate reviews to the blog only and use FB to get more traffic.

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