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Question -- I added Google Authorship markup on one of my sites a few months ago and I definitely am seeing more traffic.

The question is this -- that site was a personal blog, so I simply added my G+ info, and added site and markup in the theme.

What I am not clear about is if there would be any SEO implications as I begin to add Google authorship, G+ etc on niche sites in which I am not the persona, and by that I mean the following:

I have already created personas for these sites, w/ gmail addresses The sites are all hosted on a so-called "Seo Hosting" plan w/ separate IPs with SeoHosting.com.

Now, what about Google Analytics and WMTools?

* Since I have separate Google accounts for each niche persona, do I also need to set up a separate Analytics and WMTools account for each niche persona?

* What implications would there be for me in one niche site since I already added it to GA + WMT in my personal account?

* Would I need to remove this site from my GA and WMT and place them in that niche persona's GA and WMT?

* And lastly -- need I be behind HMA/ or similar when working on a niche site set up for G Authorship in a certain niche?

-- or should I sign in to that particular niche site's Google Account each time I do anything related to that niche?

Thanks Warriors!
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