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How long does it takes before youtube videos to get views
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    It depends on a lot of factors.

    If you have 1 million subscribers - you'll get a lot of views fast.

    If you have 0 subscribers - and a video people want to see - it will probably take a while to build up steam.

    If you have 0 subscribers - and a video no one wants to see - you won't get many views.
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    The biggest factor is the quality of the video itself. If you make an absolutely amazing video, it will get tons of views no matter what, it will just take longer with fewer subscribers. If you have a ton of subscribers and put out a mediocre video, don't expect any views either.
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      By using the embed code of the video to put it in a blog post, by joining groups on social networks where posting the video would be relevant, by sharing it on Twitter and Google + and other places, you'll increase your chances of getting views faster. Don't expect miracles, it can take some time, although, like Joe Thio said, if it's high quality, word will spread.
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  • Deebee,

    Nate probably has the best description here. If you are in the situation where you don’t already have a following, you can promote your video through AdWords (truview advertising). You can also share links to your video on social media, embed the video in other websites that you may own and encourage your network to share your video.

    Here are some other tips for promoting a video,

    Tips to Promote Your Videos Outside YouTube: The YouTube Advertiser Playbook - Part 8


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    We customize your Blog, eBook, Press Release and Sale Copy content with your message.

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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    How long does it takes before youtube videos to get views
    I would say it depends on a lot of factors.
    -If the subscriberslist is huge,you will get a lot of views.
    -Is the video search engine optimized? If yes,it will get a lot more views if it isn`t.
    -Ofcourse niche matters too. If it is a very competetive niche and your video isn`t search engine optimized you will hardly get views at all.

    I did a test once in a very competetive niche (adult). I didn`t do any keywordresearch at all and I wrote a random text in the description box and just left the video. 2 months later it had about 25000 views.
    Try the same in the make money online niche and you won`t get any views at all.
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    My friend has a youtube channel and had a few videos that were targeted towards his niche, and that had links back to his affiliate site in the description. It took him around 3 months to get a consistent flow of traffic going to his videos and then to the site. It just depends on how much you promote.
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    Youtube views come instantly, assuming that you're in an eager niche. But you have to market your videos outside of Youtube to generate alot of traffic to your videos. But assuming if you could put up a video and have people visit it immediately... you will get real views immediately. But most times if you're selling an information product or something, it can take a while to reach 1,000's of views - assuming if you're only marketing is through the Youtube site.

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    This isn't a plug or advertisement just helping answer OP question with an actual example. I have a FEW YouTube channels that I markets, use for traffic generation, etc.

    This channel was started just a little while ago (but I only started uploading videos last week) and the first 4 videos were uploaded just 5 days ago. The videos are of a concert me and the wife went to last Sunday. The wife knows the band, but point is it hasn't been a week yet and it has 216 something views and 3 subscribers and word is still spreading.

    The takeback from it is DEPENDS on your content, relevance, search query (keywords), etc. This was the LVRRHOF (Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall Of Fame) featuring about 25 bands over two days. This even was going to be searched on pretty heavy during this week because it's fresh in people's minds.

    Also XCursion "with Mark Slaughter" played, Mark Slaughter is a local here in Las Vegas so naturally his video is the most watched but I knew that and that's why I recorded it. I only have 8GB storage on my iPhone and I'm recording in HD so had to choose my videos carefully and what I thought would get views.

    So do your research, make sure there are people searching for the type of videos you're uploading. If it relevant to popular topics, people, subjects, etc then the better.

    Look at my titles and descriptions. Note the keywords I used. I knew people would be searching for LVRRHOF, XCursion, and Mark Slaughter. That's why I put them in title and description. Search for those keywords on YouTube and probably all 4 my videos will be their. Also my videos are showing up on the sidebar when people watch Mark Slaughter or XCursion videos.

    Sorry if this got to long and hope it helps.
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    Jeff Johnson has just done a good series on You Tube, take a look here
    Definitely worth watching!
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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    How long does it takes before youtube videos to get views
    I get views within a minute by sharing latest video with my Facebook and twitter follower. So if you have social media coverage, you can get it too.
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