$200 Contest: Your Best Traffic Story

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Hello Warriors,

I'm running this contest on my social site and decided I would offer it here as well, basically I have a site coming out called The Traffic Monologues, no it is not about getting unique visitors to your site, but is about traffic.

The idea is to create a site where people can rant about sitting in traffic, that is in car traffic. I figured that some people have damn funny stories about there daily commuting traffic.

So, warriors, post your best traffic story, explain the commute, and what happened and we will vote on the stories.

Winner gets $200 cash to their favorite paypal account...

Will run the contest till Friday!

Todd Walker
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    But, in the Internet marketing world, we like lots of traffic. The more the better! ;-)

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      Funny, I was thinking car traffic when I just knew it would be about IM traffic. Was fixing to tell a traffic jam story (attempting to be funny). Joke was on me when that was what you wanted.==:p
      WSO Addicts Blog

      AKA "webnetincome" before the big name changes!
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      The funnies thing that has ever happened to me in traffic is this.

      I was at the 6 flags in new jersey driving through the serfari and it was a holiday weekend so hundreds of people were driving through at the same time. If you guys have never been to somthing like this its basically a big park with monkeys and giraffs roming freely and there trained so you can drive your car right through there home. So anyway it was basically such bad traffic that we were moving at about a foot per minuet and my friend yells to me to look at the car next to me well anyway there are 3 monkeys ontop of this poor guys car ripping his antenna off of his car. But this is only the begging so at first he has no clue but then people pull up next to him and tell him that there are monkeys destroying the top of his car they were also bending the metal back. So anyway this guy gets out of his car to shoe the monkeys off his car and just as he does that the monkey starts to pee right off the roof of the car into this guys face. Most people would have flipped out but instead this guy just laughed it off which i was happy to see but thats probally the funniest thing ive ever seen in traffic.

      - Eric

      I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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        Here is one you might like....a true story too. (happened about 4 months back)

        I am from Australia and from time to time we love a good dress up party. SO I get a silly idea to go as a cop (police officer)! I must admit I did look pretty good...it looked so real.


        I was already a little bit tipsy and we were driving down in Brisbane city (on the way to our party) and and the car in front of us just stopped suddenly. We screeched the tyres and stopped and realized that the car in front of us just rammed into a car in front of them.

        So I get out....and just at this moment there happend to be another officer come up our tail....The copper steps out of the car and thinks I am a cop that is attending the scene and says, "mate you will have to take this I just got called back in!" I didn't even have time to think and say something (even though that was the best thing to do) and he just turned around, got back in his car and took off in a hurry! It was night time so I am thinking he didnt see me that well or he needed his glasses on....

        My friends all saw this and cracked up, we helped pushed one of the cars off the road and then just went on our merry way. PHEW!

        I realized later that I was drunk enough to be "on edge" and very VERY confident and not too drunk that the copper would start asking questions.

        True story...

        My friends still bring it up at party's we go to! LOL



        P.s. Impersonating an office can get you in BIG BIG trouble. Allegedly....lol
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