Solo ads; how do they send certain number of clicks?

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I am wondering how list builders can guarantee a certain number of clicks?

I have started my first list building venture (just working on follow up email content). I am reading a PDF on list building and they say that once you have enough subs, you can sell solo ads.

How would I know thatmy subs would click through and how can I control either 100, 200 or more subs clickin
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    I am also building my list and wondering about how solo ad sellers can guarantee a certain amount of clicks.

    I just assumed that they watch their list and see how they respond to certain emails and consistently provide x amount of clicks for a certain period of time.

    Like a time trial of two months, testing to see how many clicks they'll get? Maybe I'm thinking too hard on this.
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    they usually send the ads out to so many people, a seller may have 100,000 subscribers but he will only send your ad to 5,000 of those subscribers, and he knows how many clicks he will get out of that.
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    They know their statistics. So if over time, from one list they get an average of 60% open rate, and of those, a 50% click rate - for example. They need to send the solo swipe to enough list so that:

    The list size x 60% x 50% is greater than the number of guaranteed clicks. If it isn't, then most solo ad sellers have the option of sending to another list, or another list segment, or at worst resending the swipe to those that didn't open it.

    So it's simply that they know how their list works, what they like, and how many people will open, click and opt-in to offers...

    Martin Platt

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    Martin explained it well.

    I'd add that good solo ad sellers will only send solos of things that they know their list will be interested in. This also helps with the click thru rate. I've worked with people that even will revise the copy you send them so it's in their voice to their list.
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    There's a million ways to skin this cat.

    Some solo vendors will also just redirect a link (from your link to theirs) after a quota has been met.

    Many solo vendors advertise the fact that they don't redirect as a selling point.
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      It really isn't that difficult. They know the size of their list and they monitor it until they see that you have received a certain number of clicks. This is one reason why let's say on a 100 solo you will almost always get more.

      The reason for this is because they send to a much larger list than 100 people...and they monitor through their autoresponder account how many clicks their have been on the email they sent.

      They usually cannot stop it right at 100 so you get more. If you do not get at least 100 clicks then you would probably not use them again so they have an incentive to give you more...but it is not always that they really want to give you more. They just have no way, except for sitting at their computer, to know EXACTLY when a 100 clicks has been met.
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    They have different lists, with different sizes and CTRs, thus they can do that.
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    Once they have a bigger list and they send emails to them consistently. they will be able to know the the click through rate. If they need to send a certain number of clicks, they will just sent to a segment of the list.

    In order to track the number of clicks that you are getting per email, you will need to track the link in the email that you have sent out. You can use Quality Click Control, Adtrackz Gold or other script to help you do the tracking.
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    That's actually really helpful - I was wondering myself how they guarantee x amount of clicks. Thanks for the info guys
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    there is an option where you can specify the number of clicks you want to give to certain link, it is easy!
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    one way which some solo sellers use is they choose how many clicks the want to send and then once that number is hit the traffic is automatically redirected somewhere else of the sellers, maybe to an affiliate offer or one of their own products or something

    Not all of them do this but some do

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