Can we sell PLR content in Fiverr and SEO Clerks?

by nitesh
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Hello Everyone,

Can we sell PLR content in Fiverr and SEO Clerks and how do we do it? Please tell whatever you know about selling PLR content on Fiverr and SEO Clerks.

Thank You
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    I'm sure you would need to declare that it's PLR; you certainly won't be able to promote it as your own work. Also, you will need to read the terms of sale carefully when you purchase any PLR, because I believe a lot or PLR specifically states you cannot resell it as a product.
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    You can sell PLR products on Fiverr just fine - assuming the resell right state that you can.

    Any reputable PLR site will state what you can & cannot do with a product (i.e. can resell to others for a profit, edit title & author, sell for a set price).

    If you can resell a PLR product, i would maybe look for a PLR item that will allow you to rename & put your own logo and stamp on the product, this will give it your own personal touch.

    As for selling on Fiverr. Simply sign up on & follow the instructions for Sellers... It's pretty straightforward.


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    Having a quick glance of the terms of service, I'd be inclined to advise that you can't. However, I do know there are people there selling their own private label content. That's stuff they've written themselves, and not PLR that's been purchased. If you're looking for buying low and selling higher, then I believe you need to have "MRR" - Master Resell Rights.

    Like I say though, I don't think it's something I'd be inclined to try for the long term.

    If you go to the terms of service, you'll see...
    "The seller expressly agrees to assign to buyer the copyright in any delivered services that do not meet the requirements of a work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. Additionally, independent of the U.S. Copyright Act, the seller agrees that unless he indicated otherwise in the Gig description, once the order is completed the seller assigns along with it to the buyer, to the fullest extent possible under the law, all of its rights, title and interest, if any, in and to the delivered service and waives any and all moral rights in connection therewith."
    From my personal take on that, I don't believe you can pass on Private Label Rights to buyers, and would be required to grant exclusive ownership to your buyers.

    As I say though, there are people doing it, but be careful that you're aware of the terms of service, as you could build a reputable gig, only to have it withdrawn for breaching the terms of service.

    Wouldn't be good, but there is a part in that states, "unless he indicated otherwise in the Gig description," so who knows?

    The other question about SEO Clerks. I've never heard of it, so couldn't say.

    Hope the PLR thing helps though
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    I have not written my PLR content but I have the resell rights of what I have so please now advise. Can I sell my PLR content for which I have the resell rights?

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      You'd probably do a lot better with tradebit, its made for that sort of thing.
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    Annie nailed this one. You can resell PLR products on fiverr, however, you need to state clearly to your potential clients that you are reselling content. Otherwise you will inevitably run into issues. As far as resale rights, I personally wouldn't worry about it, you can make small enough alterations to where technically you are not selling the same product anymore.
    You can put together package deals as well - I see them on fiverr all the time - where you sell a bundle of PLR squeeze page templates, or whatever you are looking to do, for five bucks. You can offer upgrades as well, like 10 bucks for the squeeze page bundle and an ebook about how to right sales copy - or whatever your niche is.
    Point being, is there is are a lot of options to consider. I would just look around on fiverr and see what other people are charging for similar content to make sure you are setting a competitive enough rate.
    You can also buy likes and reviews to draw attention to your offers in order to bring in initial orders.
    I saw something that said, "do not order this gig until you have talked to me about pricing," thought that was a great idea. That way you can set an individual rate. Anyways, just some input. Best of luck and as always, here's to your success!
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    If this helps I have seen many many PLR ebooks for sale on Fiverr

    I think if you state that it is PLR then maybe its ok?

    Not sure though I would shoot over an email to support and see what they say
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    Yea, there are tons of people selling PLR articles and e-books on Fiverr. If you search "PLR Articles" you'll see tons of gigs offering hundreds of PLR articles in various niches. The quality is usually laughable though. Like everyone else is saying, just make sure you mention that it is PLR.
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      You can sell PLR articles and ebooks on Fiverr. However, make sure you have reseller rights. Provide quality content and try to come up with something new.
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    Before selling any PLR, you should read it thoroughly and re-write any portions that need re-writing. You should also do a little research and add your own knowledge where applicable. In addition to that, you should create your own unique cover graphics.

    But wait, that's not all! You still need to create some type graphic image to add to your Fiverr or other gig site post. The idea is to make your gig sound like a "solution" and not an "ebook", so you will want a non-cover image.
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    At first,ask the original author about the resell right.If he allows,there should be no problem in selling PLR articles on fiverr.
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