How do you build your websites?

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As I am more like web designer rather than internet marketer, I am kindly curious how do you build your websites?

Are you using wordpress most?

Or do you prefer working with pure html?

Do you purchase premium themes, and how do you find them?

Other ways?

Feel free to share your personal experience and any problems that you are facing
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    free, the only way

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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      I make my sales pages with HTML.

      I make blogs with WordPress and Thesis 2.0 that I customize.
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    I always use wordpress to build all my sites

    HTML is so old school now and takes so much more time to edit and make changes by using ftp's and all of that tech stuff

    Wordpress is way more simple to edit and add content

    I also use the free semio logic/loaded themes, I used these to build a lot of my niches sites and I also use this theme when I build sites for my offline clients

    I also use optimize press in combination with wordpress to build lots of other pages for my biz too :-)

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    I mostly use HTML CSS for squeeze pages, applications and sales pages. I customize Wordpress blogs for everything else.

    Publish your digital course at We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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    I always use wordpress. As for premium themes, I bought one I liked from WooThemes and it let you choose two more to download later.

    Then there's all sorts of plugins you can find which is the best part.
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      I just bought 82 premium wordpress themes and I like them all so i am taking my time checking each one out. You can do almost everything with WordPress now.

      I also got another exclusive premium from themeforest and it looks almost good to eat.
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  • I use Wordpress and use the Thesis theme.
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    So I see most of you are taking advantage of Wordpress, and not simply because it is free, but there are plenty of WP plugins and options.
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    I would agree with most of you, I use both as well. Html for squeeze pages and wordpress for everything else. Word press is far simpler and I am honestly leaning towards using it primarily.
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    I use a combination of premium themes and premium plugins on Wordpress
    I love the customization of it and the sites look beautiful and professions
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      Try googling "Free Landing Pages", or "Landing Page Creator"; there are a lot of them.
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        I use WordPress for everything. I've tried html / Joomla / Drupal but settled with WP as I found it easy to use & understand.

        With so many plugins and themes available I also find it efficient and effective at delivering content. Not only that, it's relatively easy to customize and enhance plugins or themes to suit my needs. If I'm struggling with any customisations, it's simple and affordable to find freelancers to do the work.
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    I dont like "pure" html - too much technical web design. You should consider a product like Microsoft Expression Web 4 or Yahoo Sitebuilder to create your sites with. They are very robust and easy to use.
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    I like Wordpress after having tried many others.

    Although I like HTML/CSS, the simple fact is that in Wordpress you can get instant functionality through plugins that would take weeks of coding by hand - if you could even solve the problem. You also discover tools you didn't know you needed. Like it or not, Wordpress is just more versatile. But now I waste more time trying to find "the right plugin" and testing a lot which don't exactly fit my needs. The other great time cost of Wordpress is getting WYSIWYG editors to give you What You Want.

    Got a Web Des client to pay for the Genesis Theme, base some of my designs on that.

    Still, all told, Wordpress gets the job done far beyond my own capabilities. It's easier to get working faster than Joomla and Drupal IMO. You get more bang for the buck sooner than DIY coding.

    Are you creating value from code or from business?

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