Maybe this is a GURU SECRET but who do they use to...

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outsource their print newsletters to? I know about and for CD production. But what I really want to know is how to they take care of the newsletter printing and shipping that has both CD or DVD and a print newsletter together.

Do they do it in-house or do they outsource? If they outsource it, then where?

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    Hey Peter,

    If you are talking about companies that print, burn, package , and ship to the customer they are called fulfillment houses or fulfillment companies.

    Of course you could do this yourself the old fashioned way of stuffing your own envelopes and sending them out. All you need is a printer and DVD burner. But in order to get wholesale blank cds, a bulk mailing permit and other office supplies at wholesale you need to show your resale or seller's permit and business license.

    That's the direct mail order way but with the Internet just save yourself some time and use the fulfillment services of another company.


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      Hi there

      I believe the recent 7 Figure Secrets launch was printed and distributed by Fullfillment Central dot com, but I could be wrong.

      I use Kunaki for individual DVDs and DVD boxsets, and am currently researching different options for a printed manual.


      Lee McIntyre

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        I would definatly use kunaki for individual dvd and/or cd and a fullfillment central for a big box course delivery. I was just wondering if there was another company that they use for "in-between" products, such as a monthly newsletter that contains DVD and a printed color newsletter.

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          Speaker Fulfillment Services came highly recommended by Mike Filsaime in his resource report a few months back.

          Frank Bruno
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