Would a landing page be helpful?

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I own a SEO business site and was thinking about adding a landing page before directing it to my main site, which pretty much lists the products for sale. This is my site www.highquality-seo.com Do you guys thinking a landing page would convert to more sales? What do you guys suggest? a squeeze page to build a list? thanks
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    What's on your main site?
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      What's on your main site?
      On the homepage its products that are for sale. Then i also have a blog that you can get to from the navagation bar.
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    I do recommend you use a landing page, but not if you're going to direct them to your homepage anyway. It kind of defeats the purpose.

    I assume you're going for a sale or perhaps you're collecting leads. Whatever it may be, do so directly from the landing page and avoid losing the customer along the way.
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    Hi there, it depends what you want the landing page for, do you have an opt in on the main page of your site? What are you going to put on your landing page that is different to your main page on your site?
    One way or another you need to get opt in's in to your sales funnel, so test and monitor the results.
    All the best
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    Landing page would be great but what is the purpose for your landing page. Asking people to opt-in to your site or are you promoting an offer. As a new visitor to your site, i may find it offensive to see what's your site is about first before i see the landing page.
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    Originally Posted by gkuang2 View Post

    Do you guys thinking a landing page would convert to more sales?
    A "landing page" is the simply the page on which you arrange for any given kind of traffic, from any source, to "land". It's up to you what your landing page is, or what you choose to use as a landing page for your traffic. A landing page can be a squeeze page; it can be a sales page; it can be an article; it can be the home page of a blog; it can be a content-rich page; it can be anything you like. If it's where your traffic "lands", on clicking a link, then it's a "landing page". Don't imagine that all landing pages are trying to sell something, or trying to get people to opt in, or to be directed in a particular direction.

    You're really asking about a "sales page", or maybe a "squeeze page", aren't you? I'm not quite sure which, though.
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    Originally Posted by dancemaster View Post

    I use landing and capture I give away free capture from a affiliate i deal with let me know ill send the link
    Hi can you please PM me the link? that would be great thanks
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    A landing page is to collect leads that you hope to turn into sales.

    Its to prevent people from just coming to your site, leaving, and then you never get to communicate with them.

    So all that money and time spent to drive traffic is not wasted on people who come and go.
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    What Aexa says!

    The landing page is just a page your visitor lands on so what are people on about 'landing pages are essential to build email lists' and a 'landing page is to collect leads'...no that's an opt in or squeeze page.
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    For as long as it looks good, it can attract people. Try to design your landing page as beautiful as possible. Be it in the way as a user friendly website, smooth in the eye also. Now expect traffic from my advice.
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    I would generate a lead by offering a free book, then redirect them to your sales page. But judging by your sales page, it's hard to tell what each of your services are all about. You might be better off promoting 1 service, and use some of the other services as "bonuses" of your core offer.
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