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Warriors, If you have $150, what would be the best way to invest this money? Please i need suggestions... Thanks
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    We all want you to invest it with us,I need to know what`s the business or show you what i do for 1dollar i can get you a 150.00 worth of traffic with Pureleverage

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Save it until you've done a reading and research on your own that you can decide easily how to spend it.

    Spend it on something you're passionate about learning.
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    Buy PLR or MMR products of your choosing , create a mini site, post on message forums to advertise your site

    Make Money on Craigslist with this Easy Proven System!

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    You must give some more info about your liking ...

    For example : If you are good in writing articles then buy a domain and hosting start building your own website ...
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      Don't take action before knowing what you are doing. Study many posts in this forum, and start learning how to make money online without spending money. Create Squidoo lenses and Hubs, so that you may understand how to work online and promote your links.

      You will find many free lessons about how to create perfect business lenses and hubs if you'll look for them.

      You can also create a Blogger blog for free and start posting your articles with links to affiliate products.

      Later you should create your own website, blog, etc, but in the beginning you should study internet marketing into practice without spending money.

      You will even make some money by creating Squidoo lenses and hubs. Later you will use them to drive traffic to your own pages.
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    Originally Posted by krestup View Post

    Warriors, If you have $150, what would be the best way to invest this money? Please i need suggestions... Thanks
    What are you passionate about? It is easier to promote products in a niche you have a genuine and real interest in.

    What qualities do you have?
    If you love to write,and are good at it you can start a blog,write articles etc.
    Or maybe you like to produce videos? Videos can generate a lot of traffic.

    The first thing you need to do is to find out what direction you want to go and then how to attack it in a proper way. Get as much info as you can. You will soon enough learn what is valuable info and what is not.You found the warriorforum,probably the best place in the world for IM,so it is a great start.

    When you have figured out what you want to do,the most reasonable investment will probably be domain/hosting,autoresponder and maybe some outsourcing.

    Remember. There is a lot of good and proven methods out there,but the most important thing is to be consistent (I use that word a lot lol) and stick with your plan when you`ve figured out what to do.

    Good luck
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    Originally Posted by krestup View Post

    Warriors, If you have $150, what would be the best way to invest this money? Please i need suggestions... Thanks
    What product/service are you most interested in?
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    If you give it to me I will send you a HD video showing you how I spent it plus a 1000 word article.

    You can then resell said article as a WSO.
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    Buy and read books from people who have successfully done what you want to do.
    Make $200+ a month Honestly and Ethically.

    Join a Course that Really Works: Check out my WSO
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    I will first use this money to purchase a WSO from a reliable Warrior. The next thing that I will do is to stay Focus on one system and remind myself not to get distracted by other systems. Most of the time people fails because they do not stay focus on one system at a time.
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    That's a good question.

    I'd say get a good coach after much research and finding one you trust and who has a great track record.

    However, $150 is not going to cover it.

    I'd find a service that's hot right now on WF and offer it in the Warriors for Hire section here on the forum.

    Costs $20 for an ad. Get orders, if you've done your research right, and then keep bumping your ad when you're allowed to.

    Also, I'd get a website for $10 or whatever it is now which lasts you for one year. I'd also get hosting from Host Monster and get paid up for a whole year of hosting.

    But only if I new exactly what I would use the website for. You could set it up as your main site/blog for your services.

    If you didn't want to do internet marketing niche, you could still offer some kind of service to people through your website.
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    Haircut, some new shoes for pounding the pavement, teeth whitener for the new "hire me smile" and a bottle of cheap smack to deal with the rejections..

    Job Hunting for $150 .. coming soon at a WSO near you.
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    I would invest it into starting some type of service as if you are good at something you can get paid for all your efforts each and every day which is the fastest way to see a return on your investment....

    The great thing is if you are already good at something and you know for sure that there is a demand for it then you are reducing the risk on the money that you are putting out there...

    All you have to do is look in this forum and search around and you can see what is in demand ...very easy to do...Good Luck Mate!!
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