Seeking recommendations for microphone and video camera purchase

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Hey All -

I'm going into the "Expert Industry" and I need a mic and video cam to produce content. I want to produce high quality audio and good quality video as economically as possible. Can you recommend equipment and where to purchase?

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    What in the hell is the expert industry?
    The Expert Industry is filled with authors, speakers, internet marketers, and other folks that earn a living sharing their expertise and advice on different topics.

    In the past "expert" meant that you actually knew allot about your topic from experience. Today the title has been somewhat diluted, since anyone who wants to call themselves an expert, can do so. I especialy enjoy the new self proclaimed social media marketing expert title. It cracks me up.
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    I don't have idea for the microphone. But for the digital cameras, maybe this link might help you Top 10 Digital Cameras: High-Quality Photos on Even a Meager Budget | TechHive

    If you can buy online then it's good. If you can buy one of those cameras locally in your area then it is more good. But try to look at their prices. Not that considerable though but you can afford it for sure if you want that high quality image capturing work.
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  • You can get a good mic and webcam for about $100-$150 total.

    BlueMic -- Blue Microphones is very good.

    Some of the Microsoft webcams are also very good, and will produce the quality you need.

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    I just bought a logitech webcam and a usb condenser mic and it has great reviews on amazon. They are great products and they suit my needs. Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid... Logitech HD Portable 1080p Logitech HD Portable 1080p Webcam...
    You may want the higher models for these.
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    Audio technical offers quality mics at a reasonable price... We have had great success with our pro 70.

    What is your budget? There are ultra-high end options that cost a fortune.

    Also are you building a home studio or are you looking for a mobile setup?

    If you get a camera, make sure it has an external mic plugin because camera microphones generally suck. quality audio is the 'trick' to great vids.
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