Happy Birthday Internet

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The Internet is 20 today!

On this day 20 years ago the public or consumer web switch was flicked on

This was the first ever public website; The World Wide Web project

The World Wide Web is 20 years old today | ExtremeTech

I remember hearing about it on TV and at school being a kid, I was in about the 5th or 6th grade when we first got the World Wide Web.

My dad has always been a bit of a tech geek, he loves gadgets and things so we where one of the first people I knew of to ever have the Internet.

We had an old bulky computer in my brothers bedroom and I still remember the old days the the whistle and crackle of the 56K modem.

Being a kid I had no idea what the Internet was. I had heard all of the news and theories and excitement but it made no sense to me.... yet I was still excited. I remember sitting down at the keyboard totally excstatic and trying to think of things I could search for on websites likes "Ask Jeeves" and "Web Crawler"...

I searched for things like "What is meditation" and "Black holes" wow!

Happy Birthday WEB!
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