My own Autoreponder emails go in my Spam Folder!

by Tom Sheltraw 3 replies
I'm new to autoresponders and I've tested mine on 3 different email accounts with frightening results. All 3 allowed the autoresponder email thru but all 3 placed my 1st email in the Spam/Bulk folder.

The question is: Is it the Subject Line that triggers Spam filters or the body copy? Either way, what are the Spam triggers in an email besides FREE.

BTW, my subject line is: This is the the report you requested!


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    What autoresponder script are you using?

    Are you on a dedicated or shared server?
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      Just some quick pointers.
      Do not use html in your auto-responders. Basic text gets through way better. The extra glitz might look better, but it will slam you.
      Also, if you include words like free, etc. Turn them into f.ree or something else. It appears that email scanners do not like such words. These could possibly include earn, money, instant, etc.
      Make sure your email text is within the legible margins. Most auto-responders show you where this is for 99% of emails.
      Most auto-responders also have a spam rating for emails. Definitely check this out and fix those with a high spam rating.
      Lastly, use a reputable auto-responder service. It seems that it certainly helps.
      Get-Response works very well for me.
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    Originally Posted by Tom Sheltraw View Post

    BTW, my subject line is: This is the the report you requested!
    That's probably your answer then.
    It's probably the oldest and most used subject line in the book.
    Change that and you should get better results.
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