Is it worth to buy an image ad here in the forum?

by Monja
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i´m already a warroom member and now i´m thinking of buying the image in forum signature subscription here at the WF.
guess we all do that for one reason: to get some traffic.
i was just wondering if it was worth for you?
if so - how much more than with "just" a link? in terms of traffic i mean. sure i´m looking just for aprox. numbers.

thanks for your help!
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    I haven't tracked it down to the numbers but yes, it's definitely worth it. You are going to get much more attention to an image than just a plain text link (if done right). But it also depends how active you are on the forum. If you aren't very active or posting much then not many people will see your signature regardless.
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    Yes, Ive done it and it could give you alot of traffic if the image is good and has a good caption.

    Good luck
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    A big factor on how to get the most out of it is how often you post. By looking at your posts and your join date, it doesn't really make sense to buy it if you continue to post at such a low rate.
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    thanks for your responses, great help to make a good decision!
    taniwha - you are right - i joined and didn't make many comments but i am working on that for some weeks now :-)

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