How Much Would You Pay For This?

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I have a friend *cough ~ cough* that has some social pages (twitter, FB, YT) in a particular niche.

His followers, subscribers and fans in this niche total 4 million.

How much would you honestly pay for him to send your website link out to his followers and fans?

Without revealing too much, lets just say his niche is in a big area like gambling or weight loss.

Sorry for being so cryptic
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    To me it would really depend how the fans were built and how responsive they were. A link sent out to 4 million unresponsive people will do worse than a link sent out to 10,000 rabid fans.

    So numbers are irrelevant. Response rate is what I would want to see before paying for something like that. Much the same way people expect a certain number of clicks for a solo ad otherwise there's just too much risk as you have no way of knowing how the list was built and how responsive it is.
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    Each individual has a ceiling limit on what they can, or would be prepared to pay, so how long is a piece of string? It's up to you to set the price.

    As WillR said, it's the response rate that matters. If you're confident then sell a few big mailshots cheap, then use the genuine testimonials to entice punters at a better rate. But I guess you know that already, don't you?
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      Originally Posted by Horny Devil View Post

      Each individual has a ceiling limit on what they can, or would be prepared to pay, so how long is a piece of string? It's up to you to set the price. But I guess you know that already, don't you?
      Kinda... hence the thread.
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    It really matters how he built his audience. But a 4 mils blast to facebook and twitter.. not that much honestly. Send some blasts of your own and see the conversions. Then ask again, we`ll have a lot more to talk about.
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    You should charge per click... so $30 per 100 clicks to start. If your list is very responsive and people give good testimonials on optin and sales rates then you can increase your price accordingly. But my guess is you must be able to track the response so you can give stats as you increase your price.
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    so 1% of 4 mils is 40k conversion. Experiment with a paid product, see how many buy. But if 1% of them buy you still offer 400 sells. So I guess your service worths some money. Go monetize it yourself till you find some valid buyers
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    I would pay exactly $47.93. Not a penny less, not a penny more. Honestly, these questions are so impossible to answer. The amount of subscribers is not so important it's the value of the subscribers, the niche, revenue history.
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    Wow its really hard to say!!!

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    nothing actually - i don't think a friend should charge you. but beside that - do you know if he really build it or bought it?
    if not - i´d say don't waist time and money. sorry to be skeptical, it´s just a lot of people and even if you are a huge business you might not even have close this amount of people

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    I would say test out the offer that you are making.

    Your 'friend' can send about 1% people to the link.

    So test it out. Test out a price point of say $997 per link sent out to all the followers and then another one at $97 - test out which makes most money for you without irritating your audience.

    Chances are not too many people will be able to pay $997 for a link out to your fans... and maybe a lot of people will try out the $97 option... but without actually testing the different price points you will never know the right mix.

    P.s. start with the highest options... or even a A/B test of how many clicks to your offer you get.
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    Leads like this are either sold "Per Ciick" or "Per Thousand Impressions/Contacts".

    The specific rates depend a lot on the niche, list quality, etc.

    A large list clearing house like Nextmark charges $75-$300 for 1,000 contact names with a minimum 5,000 per order.

    On a "per click" bases, I see ranges from 30 cents to $1.50.

    If you are just charging "per email" and not suppoorting that with any segmentation or click tracking, then it depends on many factors.

    Some things to have ready that are typical questions for any ad buyer:

    How recent are the leads?
    Of the 4 million leads, how many were acquired in the past week? How many in the past 30 days? How many in the last 90 days? Home many of those 4 million leads are more than 90 days old? As leads age they become less valuable.

    What is the delivery rate/open rate/click through rate/etc?

    Can you offer segmentation by various factors like other ad services?
    Can I send to women only? Men only? Can I segment by income, age? Can you geo target? What demographic profiles are available? What extra fees are there for these types of filters/segments?

    How busy is your list advertising?
    If I buy an ad this week, is it the only ad your list will see? How many other ads will I be competing with? This is important if you are not guaranteeing clicks.

    If you are just throwing email 'spam' at 4 million people and 'hoping' they respond, you aren't giving your buyers much.

    When someone buys a solo ad or broadcast from you, they will need some information about what they can expect from your list so they can compare to other options.

    When you say "1% response or clickthrough" what do you mean?

    Is that the percent that open?
    Is that the percent that click links?
    Is that percent that opt-in to landing pages?
    Is that the percent that buy?

    What do you consider a "response"?

    The more detailed information you can give to buyers before selling an ad or broadcast, the less probelms you will have after they see what they get for their money.

    You said you get 1% "across the board".

    If somone looks at your list with very little data and says: "Hmm, if I get 1% CTR and 1% conversion that's 4,000,000 x .01 x .01 = 400 sales".

    So I can expect 400 sales when I buy an ad from you based on your stated historical rate of "1% across the board".

    If my product is $27 then I can expect $27 x 400 = $10,800 from each ad I buy from you.

    This is based on your statements. Is it true?

    Edit: I forgot "open rate" so @ 1% above would = 4 sales. But the idea is the more info you can give your buyers, the better they can guesstimate results to compare your service to another as well as help tweak their funnel.

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