What makes a good landing page...

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There are a lot of factors that determine a good landing page.

I believe that a good selling landing page will have:

Some good testimonials
A good layout.
A product with a good price.
Some good detailed information on the product.
A discount

Pls share your opinions - What are the main factors of a good landing page?
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    Originally Posted by monkfunk View Post

    good headline
    email form

    for a email squeeze page at least, you say landing page, so i don't know if you are talking about a sales page or an email squeeze page
    Thanks for the share, I'm talking about a sales page
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    Let me add that for a good landing page, in my opinion, the opt-in form should be "above the fold" - meaning that the prospect should not have to scroll down your page to find the form.

    Other than that, a great landing page is one that is consistently split tested. So you will always have room for a better one by making improvements on the way. For example, test having video against having just written material. Then test where to put the video, etc.

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    Blinking text and lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding

    I would say the most important thing is a prominent, noticeable call to action. You could have the best copy and headlines and product in the world, but if you don't ask for the order you'll get nowhere!
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