This is a verified DMCA Removal Request from Attributor

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Got my first notice today, seems legit ( from Attributor Corporation).
There's a contact email, anyone ever actually got to correspond with them?
The request is to disable/remove a specific URL. I actually would love to keep the url but just to adjust the content so it's all legit.
Any prior experience from you guys?

Clarification: Those who received this notice know that it does not specify what is the violation, they just mention the violating page and that is has to be removed.
The page is a software review, mentioning that there is a security breach that allows users to use the software for free. I did not invent/create the breach, I even link to/attribute the one who did. That is to my understanding is the violation and I probably was approached because I was ranking high for a strategic keyword.
Instead of ( easily) blocking the breach they chose to approach with this email, it's their right. Good luck with finding all the ones who mention the same thing.
I will amend the text ( as not all of it seems to violate whatever they think is a violation and see their response)
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    URLs are not protected and can't be "removed" with a DMCA notice.

    It is not a violation to link to another site.

    If you have content like text, images or logos on your site then they can be protected and you should remove them.

    But there is no retsriction against linking to another site.

    If that is what you mean by "disable/remove a specific URL".

    If you mean the url on your domain contains copyright material... then that is a differnt case.

    It isn't clear what you mean from your post.
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  • Originally Posted by IMPromocoder View Post

    I actually would love to keep the url but just to adjust the content so it's all legit.
    This statement tells me that you are not necessarily surprised, and that you are aware that you are hosting or linking to not so "legit" material. Maybe you can share your assumptions of why you think, or know, why you may have been contacted with a DMCA Removal request.
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    To my understanding of the letter, some of my content might be infringing copyrights, the request is to remove MY url. Question is, whether I can adjust the content not to harm copyrights and leave my page to exist.
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    Perhaps you could explain what you mean by "remove a URL".

    That isn't something you can "remove" from a website. You can remove a "page" that a URL points at. You can remove a "link" that is made from a URL. You can remove content from a page that is pointed at by a URL.

    You can't "remove a URL" because as long as a page exists, that URL will exist. A URL is simply the directions to find a page. If you remove a "page" then the URL will not work- it will genersate a "404 error" but the URL will still "exist" anywhere it is recorded (email, Google, Archives, other web sites). It just won't "work" because whatever it points to isn't there anymore.

    It is possible for a "page" to not exist, but it isn't possible for a URL to not exist.

    What content do you have that is copyright?

    An image? Remove the image. You can replace it with something similar from a legal source.

    A logo? If you are displaying a trademarked company logo you should remove it if they ask.

    Text? If you copied the text from another work you do not own this could be a problem. Best to replace it completely.

    You can adjust to not infringe simply be removing the infringing material.
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    Plain and simple. Have you stolen anything? Is your domain infringing someone's trademark? Is your site design heisted? Is your content stolen material? If so - remove whatever isn't yours to be posting. If the domain itself is a trademark violation, you're getting off real easy being told to take it down. Same with everything else actually - but a company is REQUIRED to watch out for trademark violations or they can lose their trademark.

    And I agree - you are hym hawing on stating whether you actually stole anything or aren't sure if what you have is stolen. If you are going to be in business - you have to follow business procedure - being on the net doesn't give you free reign to do anything you want. You need to check to make sure what you are doing is LEGAL before you do it. Since that is water over the bridge, you need to do whatever you need to do to correct any and all violations you have committed.

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    Very simple.

    If it's not your work (and I'm guessing by the fact you are even worried about the DCMA notice that it is not your work) then remove it.

    No ifs, ands, or buts.
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    yeah they wouldn't ask you to remove a link unless your site is a risk to their website. however, you have to give them credit if it's their content
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    This sounds very suspicious. Please explain further and clarify so we can help. DMCA notices are not common if your site is above board and has original content.
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    I have added a clarification on top and will mention it here again, as it seems the question might have gone to too many directions.
    In a software review, I mention a security breach ( that I did not invent, I actually link to the one who found it) that actually allows to use the software for free. My review ranks pretty high and instead of dealing with the security breach, they turned to me with a violation notice. I will amend part of the text so nothing of the breach is mentioned and see if they are satisfied.
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    So.. simply put, you're promoting a cracked copy of their software.

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  • Why would you review a software then mention it has a security breach?

    If you managed to get a sale from that review then I will give you 50K straight up!
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      Originally Posted by dantheinternetman View Post

      Why would you review a software then mention it has a security breach?

      If you managed to get a sale from that review then I will give you 50K straight up!
      I'll send you my bank account number in a private message then.

      Yes, lot's of ppl don't feel comfortable ( or have a large business that's no allowed) to use the breach ( lot's of others probably do), and yes, many people did buy the software using my regular amazon link.
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