Product Download Link: ZIP VS. PDF

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Hi Warriors,

Most of us leave our download links as xxxxxxxx.pdf and we put instructions (Right click to save target us).

What happens when some of us click on the hyperlink and the file is 5MB or even 10MB? The Internet browser normally doesn't respond till the download is complete.

Normally I leave my files as zip files and even an accidental click brings the user to the download pop up.

So leaving your product format as zip file is a better choice for users.

Hope this helps.

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    I don't like getting the product PDF indexed so I prepare an html page with "no follow" meta, followed by zip download from that page. No Follow isn't perfect, better than not having one at all.

    I don't know if there are ways to prevent PDF from getting indexed. If there are, I'll link both, still leaving the zip.
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    This may sound stupid, but I've always wondered why some people zip up the file when it's just a lone pdf and no sales page or extra files. Now that makes sense why you'd want to do that. Never even thought about the browser hanging up when someone clicked it.
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