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I haven't posted on WF in a little while with the exception of a couple posts but I have more time on my hands now and I enjoy reading some of the posts here and responding.

I like to leave my Skype and other contact details readily available in case a potential client ever wants to get a hold of me but recently, I've been running into a bit of an annoyance that I haven't quite had a problem with before.

Rather than private messaging where you can easily report them for spam, people are sending me e-mails and Skype requests for "business opportunities".

Here's the main two kind of Skype contacts/E-mails I get:

1) Affiliates promoting a business opportunity.
2) An overseas company promoting their services or requesting that I outsource any work I receive to them for cheap. (Yeah, because that would go real well...)

Anyone else having this problem or noticing this as of late? I don't want to remove my contact info/Skype because I do get clients who add me for work to be done

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    I dont use skype cos it's crap, slows down my PC, full of spam etc. g+ is much better and does everything skype used to.
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    Personally I would never list Skype on my profile. It makes it too easy for people to do exactly what you are saying. If people are in desperate need to contact you then they can do so via PM or your Facebook profile. The easier you make it for people to contact you the more spam you are going to get. By placing a few hoops in the way it means you will only be getting contacted by those people with mostly serious intentions.
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    I am with Will here. This is precisely why I don't include in social networking information on my profile. If people really want to build a relationship with me they can PM me and we can go from there. You may want to just remove your Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube from your profile. It will most likely solve, if not greatly reduce this problem for you. Best of luck!
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    a lot of people use scrapebox, xrummer, or other scrapping softwares to target forums & sites where the users have their emails, skypes, or other contact info available and send them emails, pm's, or services that might intrigue the user to click or contact them back. they use keywords like hotmail, yahoo, gmail and other email suffixes to scrape and bulk message them. This is just a method of marketing. one trick would be to list your email as example [at] g mail[dot] com so that the softwares won't be able to scrape your emails or contacts off of the forum. You get the idea. Hope it gives you some idea as to not get spammed.
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    I hope that by posting this, it doesn't come back to bite me, but I like Skype, I get an occasional spamlike contact request for contact info, and I simply accept. If the contact later tries to sell me, I simply say that "I'm buzy, buzz off, don't call me I'll call you when I'm in the market for a new widget seller or SEO supplier or whatever. I've never had any of them bug me after that. If one did I'd simply block or report or whatever I did to the last sex promoter who tried to get my attention, and that was months ago. And my three different skype accounts are on 24/7

    My email gets a lot of spam and that is not posted visibly anywhere, and gmail poopcans 99.97% of that.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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