Do you define these people as 'jerks' or acting out of human nature? I say jerks.

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Hey guys,

Before you read this, make sure you quickly read the page on

So I stumbled upon, then forgot it was .net and typed in .com by mistake.

Well lo and behold, I found possibly the most greediest person online. Basically the owner of wants $50,000 per YEAR just for lease of the domain + a percentage of the profits from the owner of Frankly, the owner of is an idiot in my opinion. (I take my hat off to Allen Says, the owner of WarriorForum, he isn't even 1/10 as greedy as the owner of is.)

Based on my opinion, that's just being a plain ass hole. He even wants a percentage of the profits, while doing nothing at all. Oh, and he also mentions Rick Schwartz, probably the 'father of domain leasing' to be on the phone to facilitate the lease, etc...Just read the page, and see how ridiculous it is.

I doubt Rick Schwartz is renting other peoples domains, is he? Practice what you preach, unless of course, you're a hypocrite.

To the owner of and Rick Schwartz, seriously guys, do you think you're special just because you had Internet before the dot-com boom, and bought domains for cheap, then sold them for a huge profit once demand went up?

You did nothing special to make that money, and honestly are quite rude by enslaving individuals with your "domain leasing" strategy. In all honesty, when the teens of today grow up and find out how you make your money, they'll be about ready to gun you down. Imagine if Rick was born in 2013, I'd like to see him buy domains now. So don't boast to today's people, just because you had internet before we did.

Domain leasing does NOT work. How can a person even build backlinks, create a brand, etc, to a domain they don't own?

Don't be jerks guys.

I look forward to hear your comments Warriors.
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    Don't be jerks?

    What do you call someone who visits a site by accident and proceeds to pass judgment on the owner as "greedy", claims "enslavement" and manages to include the owner of this forum in the rant?

    I've found working online is much like interacting with people offline. You do better if you mind your business and let them mind theirs.

    When you are new here, with no name and no location - posting rants about others is probably not the way to go. Just sayin...

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    I find it amusing that someone promoting a list of other peoples' online properties for exploitation by anyone willing to buy the list is complaining about someone else naming a price for something they actually own.

    Sure, the guy isn't going to win any awards for subtlety. He isn't trying for subtlety, he's trying for a deal (as a middleman) that will make him money.

    Given what you offer in your sig, it's kind of like a tick getting mad at a flea...:rolleyes:
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    The guy has put up an offer.

    You are free to like it, or not like it...if you don't like it, close the window/tab. It's not a fit for you.

    If there's a market for his offer, someone will buy it. If there isn't, it'll be sitting there two years from now. Or possibly he'll make changes to his offer in the meantime.

    We're not a fit for his offer. No big deal.
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    I don't think that the guy is greedy. Aren't we all?

    He has every right to ask for any amount that he wants and if he gets it, good for him.
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    It is no big deal to me. Have you ever watched "Mr. Wonderful" on Shark Tank on ABC? People are free to run their business however they want and we are free to participate or walk away. What makes free enterprise so great is the word "free".
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    Originally Posted by chickenfillet View Post

    I look forward to hear your comments Warriors.
    Why I Figure Leasing Domains Is A One Way Street |

    5 Reasons Why Domain Leasing is Great

    Like any venture, domain leasing isn't for everyone and has its share of pros and
    cons. It seems you are only considering the end user's perspective, yet some of
    the comments in those links above may offer some (possible) answers.

    (Oh, and it helps to practice what one preaches, too. Otherwise, someone might
    call you out or - worse - judge you harshly unless you don't maybe mind.)


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    He may own the .com, but how can he try to manipulate the owner of .net? Does the owner of the .com have a corp or trademark setup? If not, I do not see how he can try to manipulate the owner of the .net.

    Now, on the other hand...some people do lease very top and original domains, to other people and they do get people to accept their terms. I use to work for a top, ecom business like buy dot com and the domain itself brought close to 10,000 uniques a day..all by itself...No marketing was needed..

    This guy was leasing his domain for 100ks a year and had many take hm up, on his offer.
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    Originally Posted by chickenfillet View Post

    Don't be jerks guys.
    Don't look now, but the chicken jerk guys are probably calling you a fillet ...
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    I am not going to spend hours researching this, as it has nothing to do with me. However, it sounds like the owner of bought the domain first, while the owner of has a bigger site so is trying to bully the first owner into relinquishing the domain. I don't know the details, such as whether they want to take it outright or are offering a low price for it. However, if someone legitimately owns a domain, he can sell it for whatever he wants.

    It's not a good idea to purchase a domain that's a variation on a well known brand name (in the unlikely event that it's still available). But if you got there first, you can hold onto it, sell it or do whatever you want with it.
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    You know, you put value on what you own. You alone get to ask for your price and if someone buys/borrows your goods, good job to you. If I think that my website is worth $50.000/year and I ask that price, it doesn`t make me a jerk, I guess..
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