Looking for a Domain tool that covers more Marketplaces

by Charli
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Hi. While I don't have many post here, I've attended many of TravisTraffic Webinars and get JVZoo's newsletters, but I still haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet.

I need a domain search tool that shows page rank, real/fake, aged domains (not looking for expired domains), etc.

I bought PR Powershot Aged and Pageranked Domain Hunter, but it's limited to GoDaddy's Marketplace. I asked Walter for a refund which he was kind to do.

I currently buy domains with Namecheap but I did buy one domain from GoDaddy a time back ago. But to be limited to only one marketplace, that's so narrow, I could miss out on other on-the-cheap aged domains names with a decent page rank.

The Domain Power Sniper doesn't seem to be getting the best reviews here on this forum.

I've spend the last several hours on Google searching for a tool that would allow me to explore more marketplaces that does what the PR Powershot can do.

Any suggestions and I don't know if I have placed this in the right section.
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    Not sure if it does all you are looking for but have you checked out
    market samurai ?

    Easiest, fastest way I know, and working for countless others to create an online income.
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      Paul, I never paid for the service, but I was a member. I don't think they do what PR Powershot does, do they? I'm looking for cheap domains I can either build a website/content then flip, or just flip the domain.

      I'm a writer and I'm versed in web design (though not an actual web designer). I really thought Powershot was it, but Namecheap and Register and other places have good domains names if you look.

      Maybe someone will come up with another software that will have a broader search and I just have to wait it out a bit.
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    From my experience, you need to pay for most of the domain tools.
    Let me know if you found a free domain tool.

    Also, if you need logo for 5$, PM me..

    Need a cheap logo? It`s just 5$! Click Here

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    Charli, I would say that you're probably looking for a tool like FreshDrop (Freshdrop.com).

    Buy or Sell Links Based on Authorship Status at AuthorLinks.net

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      @YM Designs - I have absolutely no problem paying for a good domain search tool. I bought PR Powershot not knowing it only worked in one marketplace - GoDaddy. Thanks for the logo offer, but I have 3-D graphic illustrator friends as well as FX friends in filmmaking. I'm good.

      @ bhartzer - I'll take a look around on that site. That's for the heads up.
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      @ Woodward - I already have that one bookmarked, just not quite what I'm looking for. Too bad the PR Powershot isn't more broad, that's what I'm looking for. Sigh. Thank you for the suggestion, Woodward.

      @ barhtzer - dude, that's $20 a month fee for that membership on Freshdrop. I won't be buying that many domains to spend that kind of money per month. That's more than my hosting fee. Geez!
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