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What is the best way of guest blogging for getting high PR links quickly? Please do not suggest to email every possible website using contact page. My aim is to get high quality backlinks from a high quality dedicated article written by me for the host websites, and published specifically on high quality websites.
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    Have you tried MyBlogGuest?

    I haven't tried it yet but I have heard others recommending it. I am going to give it a try.
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      Find the sites you want to guest blog on and I would send them a sample or give them a free article to use any way they want.
      The high PR blogs will get 100's of requests so you need to go the extra mile. Do not just send them a link to your articles...These people are busy
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    What's holding you back? I mean, if you truly have quality content to share I certainly see no problems getting them accepted on high quality blogs. When I used to write personal development/self help articles, I had no problems getting them published on huge sites like Dumb Little Man and Tiny Buddha. Simply contact the owner, show them your article and wait for a reply.

    I'd imagine the only reason your content would be rejected is if it simply wasn't good enough.
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      Is there such a list of top 1000 guest blogging websites that welcome good quality content? How can I also get top guest blogging websites in Technology, Computers, Internet, Software, Hardware, Books, Reading domains? How do I search such websites for guest blogging?
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