How to organize your ideas and knowledge about IM

by cup243
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How do you guys organize all your ideas, information, things to remember, etc? About IM and all that.

I constantly have many ideas and learn new things so I keep a series of .txt files where I put everything in categories. The thing is, the more information you have, complexity goes up exponentially.

You gotta get new ideas from already existing ideas, by combining them with other ideas. Edit them. Delete what's not neccesary. Organize all of that. Deal with complex relationships between different groups of information, etc...

How da hell do you all deal with this? Am I too creative or perfectionist, and instead I should pass to action instead of so much planning and theory?

I got files for ideas about how to make money, for ways on how to bring visits to the site, on how to develop/design a great site to sell something, on how to make an online product, and other files with categories such as increasing credibility, minimizing refunds, fighting competitors, how to bring repeated customers (upselling), all about list building, etc...
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    I use Evernote at syncs to Tablet Phone and PC and can add photos, web pages etc. Great and free.

    Also take a look at free software to use with Evernote so you can organise and prioritise.
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    There are a number of "to do list" or "task/idea organizers" available that could simplify things for you. Most have a search feature that will help you find thoughts/tasks.

    That being said, you may be overcomplicating the whole things. Ideas are great, but ideas don't generate income or pay bills. Taking action on those ideas will get you were you want to go.

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    IM world is very huge and if you are thinking about collecting all info and ideas and trying everything, its not possible for anyone. You have to decide exactly what are you willing to do in IM, select a specific topic like adsense, Amazon, CPA OR List Building and focus on that until you get success, try different methods and strategies related to targeted topic only to achieve success.
    Let's say you decided working with adsense, then you have to find niche then demand of that niche in the market then develop website around your niche and niche targeted keywords with unique content, rank your website & generate traffic then find another niche for new adsense website and rinse and repeat until you start generating good returns from your adsense websites after that think about another topic as you are already making money with your adsense sites, you will have enough time to target new topic and focus on that.

    Most of the newbies just look here and there, keep buying different products on different topics but never take action and focus on a specific topic. At the end they remain in middle of everything without any success where others who focus on specific topic and take proper action become successful in future.
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    I have just simply used Microsoft excel and word to keep my ideas and statistics organized in the past....Google docs also has similar programs for free....All of the information in IM can be overwhelming at times...

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    I also use evernote. Brilliant tool.

    Check it out, it's free.


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    Regarding evernote, I'm trying it and it seems like it works great so far.

    Responding to the question. It sounds like you have a system already. I'd keep all that I have in the text files there and go through it and delete anything not relevant. Maybe going forward try evernote or something like it. I just wouldn't think it's necessary to take everything you have and put it into evernote yourself, unless you absolutely can't find anything you need in your files.

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    Evernote is the place to go. But I try to train my memory.
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    Document systems, not ideas.

    Ideas are useless.

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    I like to create mindmaps. I use FreeMinds. Very easy to use.
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    If you have a lot of information and knowledge maybe you could create an ebook out of it and sell it, or at least do a few articles to help generate traffic/business.

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    Most niches are driven off of how the content is presented and organized. I'd say just from a higher level, if you use a naming convention and folder hierarchy with your files over time a trend or consistency will form.

    Stick to your system, and once the trends form I have a feeling you won't have a problem assembling the content into one document or ebook. Remember not to try and force relationships between topics because this will give your customers lower perceived value and lower chance of action.

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    I use a method called Getting Things Done - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And the actual tool I use to track everything is myTinyTodo - simple open source to-do list script written in PHP and jQuery which I installed on my own server.

    Using that method and the tool I am able to track an unbelievable amount of information, and manage a crazy amount of projects, effortlessly.
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