How to Hide Ugly Prosper202 Links?

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When I make a tracking link with prosper202, I end up getting a url that looks like this:

There's all this talk on the net about using php redirects, but none of this seems to tidy up the link on the address bar when the visitor hits the landing page.

Am I missing something?

How do I get rid of the "?t202id=987&t202kw=" from the url?

Heard something about "htaccess url rewrites", but I don't quite understand what that is.

Thanks for your help.
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    You can only use other short URL site like, etc..
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      You can just use the pretty links plugin. It takes just 5 seconds and you're done.

      You need at least one WP install to run the plugin from but then you can redo ANY links even You Tube links etc...

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        Hey folks, thanks for your replies.

        Golgo: I don't trust these url shorteners :s

        Enfusia: I looked into Pretty Links, from what I found, it seems it's only for making the LINK look nice, it does nothing to the url displayed on the landing page.

        Anyways, I've given up on Prosper202, it didn't seem to register all my clicks, and it just ain't designed for product owners. It was a real piece of shit to work with - such as can be expected from a free service.

        I've now signed up to Clicky for ~$9/month. It has its own url shortener service called, which seems to do just what I want. And the tracking is accurate as hell! So far it has tracked every single sale with perfection, hasn't missed a thing.
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