Does a .info Domain Look Cheap?

by sjkstone 2 replies
As you know, .info domain names are inexpensive but how do they look to prospective buyers?
I have associated .info's in the past with adsense sites and quick promotional gimmicks but does the public see this as well?
Would you as an experienced web head or IM'r buy a product from a .info website?

Reason is that I am developing a report and the domain terms that I have selected are too popular to get a .com or .net.
The .info's are available and since I budget low, this would be better at least until I see that it is going to work okay.

I am not trying to get S.E. traffic but direct so I am not concerned with ranking at this time.

Let me know what you think about .info domains.

Thank You
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    I don't judge domains by the extension. So an .info domain to me doesn't seem cheap. I don't know about others opinions. But I wouldn't hold a .info against it. I find a lot of good .com names are just ad pages with no content.

    There were some good domains but the .com and .net and .org were taken so I went ahead and got the .info cause that was all that was available besides .mobi or .tv. Then when there was a .99 sale I grabbed some.

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      Hey.. the squeeze page for one of my lists is a .info and it's converting just as well as others..

      So, overall..I have never had issues with them... I bought maybe 10 or 15 for conduit method site's a while back and I have put 6 into action so far as review site's... most performed as I expected which was pretty cool and one didn't perform too well but that was my end and not to do with the extension...

      Some people may disagree, but IMHO extension discrimination is unjustified..



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