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In the process of improving the squeeze page, I have re-designed the optin form. Please let me know how I can improve.

Thank you very much.
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    Please let me know how I can improve. adding a short statement about privacy and how you never share the contact's information.



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    Anything I can do to improve on font, size, and color? the background? or the layout of the form? Anything I can do to improve the headline?
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  • Just a question.... are you working from a current live option box and you are improving on that?
    Because only from a live situation can you really attempt to improve, otherwise if this is not online yet, you might already be sitting on a winner as is, and doing anything else to it might be taking away from it.
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    Just a quick little tip that might help; I found that after the "get your free copy" you should add these >> for some reason whenever I do that it increases my conversion rate. In the end it should look something like this "get your free copy >>"

    Hope this helps your conversions!

    Best regards,

    David Burnett
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    I agree with the previous posts...

    Personally I find the blue gradient somewhat cheesy. Maybe this is because of the eBook cover being primarily blue as well.

    Try making the blue softer (or really any shade but blue-screen-of-death blue), but above all else ALWAYS split test because that's how you can find out the difference between theory and fact.

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    The book on the left is not much appealing, and secondly you have used only few colours, "Get my free copy" you can add more shades and colours to it. coz u see that the text "25 expert tips to blogging success" and "free download" logo are in golden.
    Once again not much colours!
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    You can start by testing one variable on two or more versions.
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    I agree with drewfioravanti. Test every little details in your optin box until you have a good conversion rate. At least 30%, but try to reach 50% and that would be great. It's funny how small details can affect conversion rate, like Dburn said.

    So try driving small traffic to every changes, then you should have your best converting optin box.

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    As already mentioned above, it might be better removing the "Name" field and just having the email field. You want to make it as quick and easy as you possibly can for your visitor.

    Maybe add something to let them know it is an "instant download / access". People like things "now". Without any indication they might think they have to jump through hoops to get it.
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      Originally Posted by Neil Morgan View Post adding a short statement about privacy and how you never share the contact's information.
      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      And I'll agree with Neil...adding a statement about respecting privacy can increase opt-in rates.

      I remember seeing stats on it on a site...just can't locate it at the moment.
      Just make sure you always test things like this because there are no guarantees. I have had squeeze pages where that privacy statement below the optin box actually decreased conversion rates. Some people's thought on this is that they see the privacy statement and it reminds them of the fact they could be spammed by you.

      So ALWAYS test.
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