Ways to send traffic to my squeeze page

by bawo
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What are the ways to promote my squeeze page?
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    Solo ads, ad swaps, ppc, interstitial, facebook, twitter etc etc.

    The list is endless really but it just depends on your budget.

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    Solo ads are by far the best. They get you the quickest traffic possible. Also its targeted traffic to your niche so in my opinion its the best. If you're having trouble finding good solo ads I recommend using Soloaddirectory.com

    The site has a bunch of reviews on solo ads and the statistics they got.

    Hope this helps,

    David Burnett
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    YouTube is a very underrated way of sending people to your squeeze page...

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    Yes, I agree that youtube is very effective. You might even wanna try Facebook.
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    guest blogging, twitter ( if you can get followers in the correct niche) article marketing and of course the warrior forum itself
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    There are too many options to count. It's hard to give you any real solid advice when we know nothing about what you're trying to accomplish with your squeeze page.
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    I've found twitter to be a great free traffic source. Find the hash tags related to your niche that are buzzing and use tools like HootSuite to follow the trends. After that start engaging people and before you know it you're follower count and traffic will climb.

    I made it from NEED, now I fight off GREED.

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    If you are not thinking of the paid methods, simply facebook and twitter can help you. communicate there and send traffic to your squeeze page.
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    if you want free traffic create article, bookmark, and youtube videos.. if you paid traffic just buy some ads

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    Originally Posted by bawo View Post

    What are the ways to promote my squeeze page?
    If you have some money to spend,soloads is a really great method.
    But make sure the soloads are targeted towards your niche.

    There are a lot of free trafficgenerators you can use aswell:

    -social media

    Again,if you have some money to spend,you can easy outsource the above methods too.

    No matter what way you wanna drive traffic. You need to deliever quality content. If people look at you as the real deal they WILL click your link.

    Good luck
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    While all the ideas listed here are good, they're only going to add freebie seekers to your list (unless the solo ad seller has a list if buyers, but this would be an expensive solo ad).

    Try focus on getting buyers onto your list. If you're not selling your own products, think about how to get access to buyers of other people's products.

    I've had success with getting myself onto other sellers thank you pages (creating free bonus products for them to add value to their product). You can get creative (look at s2member plugin) and do really well with this method.

    Not many people say no to a free bonus to give their customers, especially if it provides real value.
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    You're spot on Wakey,

    I just getting into this myself. Getting rid of the freebie seekers and get on thank you pages. You're instantly get exposed to the right eyeballs.

    I love JV traffic, You get TONS of traffic for (free)
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      Facebook, Yahoo answers, and forums are all 3 great ways to send traffic to your squeeze page.

      They all have their pros and cons but what makes them great is that you can really target your audience.
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    Forums for sure, solo ads are great (although I've only found good ones for the make money niche).

    in the MMO niche I also do quite a few ad swaps which is a good way to get free traffic BUT, you need a list first and to be able to send some clicks.
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    1. Solo ads
    2. jv's
    3. ad swaps
    4. blogging
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      You can use all of the above, just make sure it's "targeted" for your niche..
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    Traffic is fairly simple. You should probably start with some paid advertising to see some immediate results. You should make a list of expensive websites where you can advertise (effective), and all that can generate good traffic to your site. Once you have a list of around 10 sites... move on to free marketing to decrease the costs of acquiring a new customer via advertising.
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    Erm maybe you might want to ask a more relevant question as it is too generic. I believe if you have put in some effort search the forum, you will be able to find a lot of threads which answers your question.
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    Soloads, Facebook and Twitter have been a good source of traffic for me.

    One tip I would give is submitting a product to a membership site like mine. The product could be a report, eBook, anything really, so long as it's created by yourself, if you have the time or money that is. Quite a number of well known marketers are members, plus all the other major memberships are members, before you know it your product is literally in the hands of thousands, and it will continue to spread around probably for years. I did this recently for a member and he had an enormous traffic spike.
    Still Going Strong Since 2006!
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      Also before buying solos, you can test your squeeze page using banner ads for like $30/month..
      Real.. Proven.. Money Making Methods
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    SOLOS , Media Buys, You Tube, SEO, PPC, PPV, etc. etc....

    there are too many to list but this is a really good start.
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    Article Marketing is a good one. Write good articles and post on Article directories.
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    I like that adding a bonus to a thank you page idea. Pretty brilliant. Solo ads are targeted but you have to be careful who you buy from. For free traffic Youtube, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as forums work quite well.
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    Blog comment is another one...
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    Yes, I'd recommend Solo Ad as well. It's so targeted yet so cheap. You can find many warriors here offering Solo Ads, even with low prices.

    You can buy small packages of clicks to test out your squeeze page conversion as well as testing whether the list from this and that Solo Ad provider suit your offer.

    When you have your squeeze page tested to the max (try to reach at least 30%-50% conversion) and know which providers suit your offer, you can start scaling up.

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    There are lots of ways how to do it. The most effective method I've tried so far is by sending solo ads. You will pay for someone who will send emails to his/her own list exposing your squeeze page.
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    Want to send traffic to your squeeze page? Check out the product below in my sig.

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  • A great way to build your list without even having to buy solo ads, is to buy CPA leads. We actually import leads directly to your autoresponder and you just let your AR campaign do the rest by sending the leads to cpa and cb offers. Check out my sig below for more info.
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