Craigslist Links Not Clinking Through to Website....Any Suggetions???

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I'm haveing an issue with my links clicking through to a website once my ad goes live within craigslist. I'm posting in the Biz Opps section and nothing seems to get ghosted but when I click the link in my ad, it always takes me to a page that says "server cannot be found" Outside of craigslist the link works perfectly fine.

I've tried three(3) redirect services including a redirect from my own domain, clear all cookies with CCleaner before posting and I just can't get the links to click through.

One additional note....I'm using my well seasoned and in good standing local account I've had for years...for Los Angeles CA....where I live

If anyone can help or give me suggetions with whats going on I'd really appreciate it...until then I can't post because of my links not clicking through

PS: I'm shortening and redirecting with clickbank products

Thanks for your help
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    Did you try checking Craigslist's help forum? They have a guide there on how you can place external links in your posts. If your URL format is fine, you could send them a message with a clear description of your concern while waiting for the right solution to this. Hopefully you will be able to address this soon.
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      It sounds like an html code issue when you copy and paste into Craigslist.
      When you copy from a word document it can mess up your code.
      Also Craigslist does not like redirects. Use a domain that forwards to you Clickbank

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    Are you using a direct link to your site or a redirect?
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