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What's up guys,

Looking for a bit of feedback on my website: clickfitpro.com. I am unsure how to move forward with it and tackle two issues I've outlined below.

1. Over-optimization: Site has been hit by this penalty in the past, but have used google disavow tool to moderate success. My question: Instead of trying to dilute the exact match anchor text down and improve my rank, is it easier to move to a new domain and start fresh? From what I understand in SEO now, you don't need a mass of links, rather a high-quality, diverse selection (~100) of targeted (only a handful exact-match) links to rank -- providing the keyword isn't too competitve and all on page SEO criteria are met.

2. Site Architecture/Layout:

As you can see from my site, the topics are very broad (weight loss, fitness, diet) and not niche specific. My question: Would it be better to dedicate a whole site to a category (i.e. one for women's diets, another for abs etc) or - alternatively - keep everything on one site and add categories (again, one for diet/nutrition, one for abs etc).

I am also considering moving from xsitepro to wordpress but am unsure how to do this, plus the possible ranking complications.

Thanks very much for any input/advice.

Cheers, Jon.
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    It all is about what YOU want to do and how much time and money you want to spend. If you decide to break the site up into multiple smaller ones all those domains need to be purchased. However, like you said the small niche sites will be easier to rank if the competition is low.

    If you're willing to put in the time build out each section on that site. You'll turn it into an authority site over time and anything new you want to rank in the broad category that it is now will be easier in the future. This is a longer timeline.

    Or you could do both. Keep building this site while building out niche specific sites on the side.
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    There is so much there you might want to break it up a bit. Or even categorize the side menu if you can. It just looks like a list of topics to me, but if you had categories like men's fitness, women's fitness, diets etc it would be easier for someone to find what they are looking for.

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