Are Viral List Builders A Complete Waste Of Time?

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There are many of them with new ones popping up everyday. Yet most people who use them report that they get a lot of clicks but few if any conversions. That said are these a complete waste of time unless of course you own them and can thereby make money through advertising and promoting your own offers and featuring those offers?

Think about it like this, there are probably hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of members on these lists and yet even premium members are only able to reach a fraction of the actual list members. Only the list owners can send out e-mails to everyone.
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    What exactly do you mean by "Viral List builders"?

    Could you reference/link to something so I know what you're on about?

    James Scholes
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    I think what OP mean by viral list builders is safelist. Is that right?
    If so, yes it's definitely wasting your time a lot.
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    Have you heard of things like Listjoe, Listablaze, Bweeble? These are viral list builders. I’m sure there are others as well.
    You earn credits by clicking links within the ads of other members and by referring new members. You then use those credits to send your own advertisement to x number of people. You can also pay for sponsored/featured ads. It’s very much like a safe list only accessible to anyone who wants to be a member of it.

    It’s viral in the sense that it’s sort of like network marketing. Let’s say I refer you and then you refer other people, you and the people you refer would become part of my downline meaning I could then earn credits every time you sent a message or referred someone and would also reach you instantly whenever I sent messages. I would also earn credits for each and every person you referred whenever they referred someone or sent a message as well.
    The same would be the case for you and your referrals.
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    I think there are a waste of time.
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    Waste of time. Like the recent hyped up product ripple. All you are doing is gathering a list of people who don't want' need, or care about the product or offer
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    Ah right.

    Well here's the skinny on those... Total waste of time, don't bother.

    James Scholes
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    Ya threse are a pretty big waste of time. I spent hours trying to build my list with services like the ones you mentioned, this was about 2 years ago, but the responsiveness of the few leads I was able to generate was literally worthless. Huge waste of time
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      thanks guys, cross another one off the list

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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        if you don't get enough emails in your inbox than it is a good thing to subscribe to them but if you want to make money it is 95% waste of time and resources.

        Use forum signature links they pay off and are free a bit slow but working
        Also if you comment in forums you will learn and give something back

        It is less time consuming than open hundreds of emails and watch offers only to build up the shiny objects syndrome which is harmful to your bussines and your money making success.
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    Yes, I've tried them before, got very poor response. Best to use solo ads and joint ventures instead...
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    I personally do not have good experience with them but I will not make conclusion by saying that it is not working. It has work for some other marketers and it might just be that I am not using it in a right way. But nonetheless there are many other free methods of generation traffic back to the website.
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    personally I think they are not a waist of time. I am making a decent amount of money from them especially by promoting other safelists/viral list builders I am getting lots of referrals which and make me money when they upgrade. I really like this kind of websites.

    I even put videos on my youtube channel about the most responsive safelists right now.
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    I haven't tried any of these sites purely based on my opinion that it's unlikely they can help me. I have always been skeptical when it comes to these sites. However, people are going to give you different opinions based on their experience. Some would say it's not worth your effort while others say they're making good money out of it. It's up to you who you choose to believe but sometimes, to find the best answers, you have to try it for yourself. Achieving something or getting good income will always involve taking risks.
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    There's a period of time I was focusing on building a list using these viral list builders. I think it's quite time consuming and it's not much successful you can say, all the while maintained as a free member in all of these list builders.

    But I think if I am a paid member and use these list builders to build downlines (referrals) in the list builders instead of building list using squeeze page, I may have sent more emails and made some money.

    There some of them even selling solo ads, and some members are making profits from it...

    My comment, I believe that it's a right tools if we know the right way to use it.
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    Complete waste of time.. just forget it
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    You get what you pay for and like everyone said, they're a waste of time.

    Stick to solo ads, PPC, etc.
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      Originally Posted by rmolina88 View Post

      You get what you pay for and like everyone said, they're a waste of time.

      Stick to solo ads, PPC, etc.
      Nuff said.. don't bother..
      Real.. Proven.. Money Making Methods
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    You'd be better of walking into on-coming traffic than bother with stuff like this.

    James Scholes
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    I have to agree with everyone here. It's a complete waste of time. I was trying to use safelists to build my email list since I didn't really have the money to invest in a solo ad seeing as I wasn't sure I'd get it back, but now looking back, getting your inbox spammed and trying to click to earn enough credits and only sending emails like every 5-7 days is so not worth it. You can pay for upgrades with safelist/viral list builders about as much as you'd pay for a solo ad and generally end up mailing more members than you would with the solo ad, but it's still not worth it because most people on the safelist won't even read your email unless you somehow make a good enough subject line to catch their attention. They'll just scroll down your email and head straight for the credit link to earn their credits so they can mail their mailings.
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    People in those lists MAY be interested in list building and traffic generation offers. After all, they are looking for traffic to build their lists, I guess.
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    that is my guess as well. when I did get subscribers from the list builders, I got it from promoting a traffic generating method, however, those members were also unresponsive to my other offers, so that's always an issue too.
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    So, what you're describing isn't actually viral list building. Viral list building actually refers to the idea of getting your new or current subscribers to recommend you to their friends who then also subscribe and recommend you to their friends etc... etc..., thus causing your list to gain new subscribers without any effort/expense on your part.

    It very closely resembles the way a real virus replicates and spreads without any outside help. That's why it's called "viral" list building. Except in this case your list gets bigger, you don't get a runny nose.

    Real viral list building DOES work, quite effectively! You just have to do it right.

    What you're talking about is crap and really helps no one but the person who owns it, as many others have already said.

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    These are similar to advertising in Traffic Exchanges...

    If you can promote stuff they are interested in - you will get conversions...

    Many marketers have had great success with these - and the reason why is they tested and tweaked different offers...

    You have to think like the folks using these systems and what they are wanting to get back from them and then use that information to tweak your marketing campaigns to fit.

    Granted there will always be some "fake" or "bot" traffic coming from these - but you can also find real genuine folks (like yourself).

    As someone else mentioned above - these are great to use to promote other viral list builders and traffic exchanges and pretty much anything related to traffic or list building.

    Is this the highest quality traffic - no. Can you make it work - yes.

    Just make sure that you are not doing the same thing as everyone else or it really will be a "waste of time". Make sure your ads stand out and get noticed and never stop testing, tracking and tweaking your offers.

    Hope this helps.

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    I've tried one called Viral URL, it doesn't work because no one actually cares about the offers. They go through them just to get credit points.
    Work smarter, not harder..

    The smarter way of online marketing
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    that is what I was saying as well. However someone did bring up that if you promoted traffic exchanges or ways to get traffic some people will actually click and read, because that's what most of those people want, traffic to their sites. While I think there are better ways of getting traffic, some of my subscribers did come from list building through safelists and promoting ways to build traffic, lol. It took me several emails to figure that out though. And dependent on your sales funnel you'll get much better conversions with solo ads and the like since that is targeted traffic. The traffic on safelists or viral list builders is targeted as well, just not as good quality.
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