Why are my aff links being tested by someone unknown?

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What I have seen from two of my websites is that someone is clicking on every individual link on All of my posts one after another. Why would someone do this, are they trying to hijack my links? This seems suspicious to me.

Also my redirect counter has a lot more hits than what is showing in Clickbank or Google analytics which is also puzzling.
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    are you sure someones is not just checking out your stuff because they are interested?
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    Might be that you're ranking for a keyword they're trying to target, analyzing where your links point to and how they flow. And Google Analytics and Clickbank stats aren't too accurate to be honest with you. Try something like Awstats to get more info on who (and what) visits your sites
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    This has happened to me before and I am pretty sure that it was someone trying to rank for similar keywords and hey were just analyzing my site....

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    What link cloaking tool do you use?

    I am using PrettyLink Lite and sometimes it happens to me as well.

    They are not human clicks but just some kind of spider/robot visits.
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      Originally Posted by SunilTanna View Post

      How do you know it's a human? Might be a robot or spider following the links.
      That was my first thought. If the content is good, it might also be a scraper program.
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